Brighton can offer you a great work-life balance.

Known as London-by-Sea, Brighton is a great city, with a cosmopolitan feel, vibrant community and, of course, the beach.

There are many things to do in Brighton that you cannot do in other cities like London – walk along the seafront, go for an afternoon swim in the sea (if you’re feeling brave) or spend some of your pounds in the quaint little shops in The Lanes. Brighton has a good nightlife too, with many restaurants, bars and clubs. But, if you’re really missing the big city, London is just a short train ride away.

Brighton has a wide range of EFL opportunities and it’s an especially friendly place for those who have just done their TEFL course and are looking for some experience. While Brighton does not lack students, it does not have the same urgency as London or other bigger cities. The schools are a bit more relaxed and so are the teachers. Brighton is a holiday town and even during low season it has a holiday atmosphere.

In terms of EFL, the fact that Brighton is so close to London means that even if there aren’t any big conferences or events being held in town, it’s not difficult to attend events in other cities. Public transport makes it especially easy and convenient. If you have done your TEFL course, these events are very useful to help get to grips with teaching and keep you up to date with developments in the EFL field. 

Basically, Brighton can offer you a great work-life balance. Finding work shouldn’t be a problem but you won’t find yourself overworked or underpaid. For your time off, Brighton is able to offer you a range of activities to enjoy. Finally, if you ever get tired of this quaint little city, you can run away to a bigger city for a day or two. 

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