Published 14th December 2015

Deciding to pack your bags, uproot your life and travel to a far-off destination is not an easy decision, and one which shouldn’t be made lightly. There are so many things you need to consider before you book your flight that may make you a bit nervous, but there are also so many reasons you should take that risk. We might be a little bit biased but if you weigh up the pros and cons you should find them tipping in favour of running off and creating your own adventure. But just in case you’re still not convinced, here are our top 5 reasons you should teach abroad:


Probably the most popular reason for deciding to become a TEFL teacher and work abroad. Doing a TEFL course is the easiest way for you to travel the world and see all those places you’ve been dreaming about. Being a TEFL teacher means that you will have ample opportunities for travelling, not only on weekends but also during school holidays. What’s more, often you’re paid a monthly salary regardless of whether it’s term time which could mean that you’ll be paid for being on holiday!

Earn money

Closely related to your desire to travel, is probably the very practical consideration of finances. You are deciding to go abroad to work, not just to have fun, so you need to be earning money. Teaching is such a good idea because you can do it practically anywhere and there are loads of jobs available. By teaching, you are ensuring that you will be able to afford the travel adventures you’ve always dreamed of.

Cultural experiences

Being a tourist and being a local are two very different ways of experiencing a culture. Being a tourist is awesome on many different levels, but by living and teaching in a place you will be able to experience that community in a whole different way. Becoming familiar with the area will help you get to know places most people don’t know about, places which  are untouched and unspoiled, and getting to know locals will mean you will be invited to genuine cultural occasions (and get to eat authentic local cuisine!). As a tourist you would never get the opportunities you do if you live somewhere.


What’s the easiest and quickest way to learn a new language? Live in the country, of course. Living and working in a place will mean that you will be exposed to the local language without even trying. While this can be frustrating at times, you’ll also find that you’ll pick up the language without even realising.


Travelling to faraway places and leaving your friends and family behind is a great way to gain independence. Travelling is not always easy and this is especially true if you are travelling to live and work, but when you realise that you can survive – and enjoy – doing things on your own, you’ll feel invincible.

We’ve only listed five but there are so many reasons to travel abroad that it seems silly not to. Doing a TEFL course and becoming a qualified TEFL teacher is the perfect way for you to do this and spread your wings and conquer the world!