Published 29th December 2015

teach english in germany

Home to the famous wurst, wonderful beer and, of course, the Berlin wall. Germany is a country brimming with opportunity, adventure and fun. While Germany might not seem like the obvious choice for the aspiring English teacher, with its growing economy and lively international atmosphere there are plenty of people who are looking to learn English and thus teachers are in surprisingly high demand.

Teaching English in Germany should only be considered by those who are willing to commit to the position, though salaries are generous by European standards, a lot is expected in return for this remuneration.

If you teach English in Germany then you will almost certainly be teaching adults, either at a language school or at a university. Many degrees in Germany have a compulsory English requirement and thus demand in this sector remains consistent, with hiring periods peaking before the start of the academic year. Recruitment at language centres can be more sporadic and you really have to keep your eyes open and approach schools yourself as there is rarely a need to advertise externally.

If you want to teach English in Germany a degree will be required, and it might be advisable to gain some experience elsewhere before setting your sights on the European powerhouse. Though novice teachers have been known to land a position, those with more teaching experience will find securing a TEFL job in Germany will find the process much easier.

There are several places where you can work in Germany as an English teacher, but naturally as with most locations the concentration of jobs is in the big cities. You might want to consider what demographic of students you want to teach. Munich and Frankfurt are business hubs and thus more business English teaching is available. While Berlin is undoubtedly the nation’s international epicentre and therefore more work will be available working at language centres.

Another great thing about teaching English jobs in Germany is that for those with a European passport no additional paper work is required. So if you don’t want to venture too far from home, are passionate about teaching and fancy yourself living alongside some of Europe’s best beer and parties then Germany could be the perfect choice for your next step in your TEFL adventure!