Published 22nd December 2015


We have all heard the clichés about Turkey, and especially Istanbul, as the cradle of civilization and the fusion of the East and the West; however when it comes to this amazing country the clichés are in fact true. This stunning country has everything from pristine beaches, rouged mountains and of course the pumping urban heart of Turkey; Istanbul.

Though of course many jobs are located in the capital, and with a population of over 15 million people the jobs are many, you can find work in almost any reasonably sized city in Turkey. The positions available in Turkey are mainly a mix of schools and language centres, though business English and private tuition is not unheard of. The recruitment process in Turkey varies wildly depending on the quality of the institution to which you apply. Few will require a formal interview in person, for most a Skype interview will suffice with some even hiring after a short chat on the phone. The qualifications required will also vary depending on the school, though it’s always beneficial to have a TEFL certificate. Most teachers looking for a position in Turkey tend to find work within a few weeks with a little hard work and perseverance.

You’ll probably enter turkey on  tourist visa while you look for work, which is valid for up to three months, but then it is required that you get a work visa and residence permit. Most often you will have to stump up the cash for this yourself with an expected cost of around £300.

Average teacher salaries in Turkey average between £800 and £1500 a month, though they tend to be on the lower side. It’s important to note that Turkey is not a place to go if you are looking for big money.  However is great food, warm hospitality and stunning scenery is on your agenda then you couldn’t do much better than this amazing country.

There is lots of talk of late payments and poor treatment of teachers in Turkey, though it does seem to get a worse wrap than other poplar ESL destinations, many teachers work there trouble free and this shouldn’t put you off going, just read your contract carefully and don’t let them take advantage of your kind hearted nature.

As with most places, it’s easiest to land a job in Turkey when you are actually there, so pack your swimwear for the summer, your boots for the winter and head off to this majestic country and make memories that will last a lifetime.