Published 25th January 2016


Thailand is where you go if you want to have a good time, South Korea is where you earn the cash and China…well, China is where you go for an interesting cultural experience and the chance to earn a bit of money. So, why should you choose China to teach English as a Foreign Language?

1. The Food

Don’t let your experience of Chinese food fool you: Chinese food in China is nothing like your local Chinese takeaway. Whether you are down south, up north or somewhere in the middle you are sure to find local specialities that you’ve never heard of or can’t recognise but which are wonderfully tasty. Ok, so maby not everything is amazingly tasty – they are known for their appreciation of weird things – but in general, Chinese cuisine is awesome.

Chinese Food Collage | The TEFL Academy - Teaching English in China

2. The scenery

China is a massive country, so it’s not surprising that it is very different in terms of food, culture and landscape, depending on geography. From farms and plateaus to mountains and hills to lakes and beaches, China is ideal for those who enjoy being out in the fresh air. Or, if you’re more a city mouse, Beijing and Shanghai have a lot to offer, and Hong Kong is just a hop, skip and a jump away.

The scenery of Humble Administrator's Garden at Suzhou, China. | The TEFL Academy - Teaching English in China

3. The culture

China has a long and interesting history. It’s well-known for its ancient civilisation and now, in the 21st century, it is one of the world’s fastest-growing economies.  Having such a colourful history means that China offers numerous historical sites for visitors to visit, most notably the Great Wall and the Terracotta Army in Xi’an.

The Great Wall of China | The TEFL Academy - Teaching English in China

4. The language

Considering that Mandarin Chinese is one of the most spoken languages in the world and looks set to rival English as a the language of international business in the future, why not take the time now to learn the language? Living here will mean that you will learn Mandarin Chinese out of necessity and it’s a fun language to learn.

If you’re keen to come to this crazy country, there is no shortage of jobs waiting for you. Schools, universities, language schools – there are a lot of people in China wanting to learn English. Which makes it an ideal destination if you want to teach English as a Foreign Language.