Published 27th January 2016

Pub quizzes. Camden. Big Ben. Tea. Wimbledon. Kew gardens.

There are so many attractions in London it can really be considered a one-stop shop for food, culture and entertainment. Whether you are interested in watching a football game, hitting the nightclubs or visiting historical sites, you’ll be able to find something to do in London.

So it would seem to be a perfect place to live and work, and yet many people don’t consider London when they weigh up their choices of TEFL destinations. Why? Probably because London is English-speaking so you’d think there might not be many opportunities for TEFL teachers.

But you’d be wrong. Though the most common situation for teaching TEFL involves teaching English in a school in a country which doesn’t speak English, like China or Brazil, but this is only one side of the story. The other opportunity to find work as a TEFL teacher is, in fact, to look in countries where they do speak English. Many English learners travel to English-speaking countries to immerse themselves in the language and the culture and learn the language. London is an extremely metropolitan city with many nationalities coming to London to work, so it’s no wonder there is no shortage of English learners in London.

London Red Phonebox | The TEFL Academy - Why You should Teach in London

How would teaching in London be different to teaching in Bangkok?

Well, you’ll be teaching in a language school, rather than a mainstream school. In a language school you could teach 1-to-1 or group classes and a range of different classes – General English, Business English, English for Academic Purposes. Your classes will consist of adults (usually over the age of 16) who all come from various countries. In other words, your classes will be a mix of age, religion, culture and language. Your timetable will be flexible, meaning you could teach a few hours a day or as many as 7. You won’t get a fixed salary but your monthly earnings will be based on the number of hours you work.

But probably the best part about teaching English as a Foreign Language in London is the fact that you are in London. Your students are guaranteed to be fascinated with anything related to London – the people, the culture, the food, even the weather. You’ll be able to base your lessons on your surroundings and teach with materials relating directly to your learners’ daily experiences. When they leave the classroom, they have no choice but to practise what they have learnt in the classroom, which makes learning much more motivating because improvement is more evident. Plus, there are so many places to go for excursion lessons.

The fact is, teaching English as a Foreign Language in London offers so many opportunities, not only for jobs but for being in the classroom too.  If you have the chance to work there, you’d be silly not to take up the opportunity.

St Paul's Cathedral, London | The TEFL Academy - Why You should Teach in London