Published 4th April 2016

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Just as there are a number of habits of highly effective TEFL teachers, so there are similar habits of highly effective learners. If you incorporate these into your learner training in the EFL classroom you will improve the language learning habits of your learners.

1. They learn in different ways

There are many different types of learners and many different ways to learn. While it may be easy to attribute one learning style to a learner, the truth is we all use a combination. In other words, learning something using different learning styles will mean it is remembered better.

2. They use their own knowledge

Learning should not take place in a vacuum. Knowledge is often interrelated to knowledge from another field, so if learners can utilise their previous knowledge in learning new information they will be able to form webs of information. Again this will result in the knowledge being more meaningful and memorable.

3. They personalise learning

Information needs to be meaningful in order for it to be incorporated into working knowledge. Learners need to personalise information they are learning so that it becomes a part of their world of meaning. With your students, take time to relate topics to their own lives.

4. They revise often

Revision is a very necessary part of learning. Spaced repetition is the most efficient way of learning new information. Learners should thus make use of this technique and make sure they review and revise regularly and often until the information becomes knowledge.

5. They work hard

Dedication and motivation are key in language learners. In order to learn learners need to remain interested. As teachers we can help them maintain their motivation by making our lessons engaging and enjoyable.

As teachers it is up to us to keep our learners on the right track to learning. When you are planning your lessons, keep these points in mind and think of ways to include related activities in order to encourage your students to be better learners.