Published 10th May 2016

So you’ve got your TEFL qualification and the world is your oyster. Have you thought about where you might want to go?

Of course you have.

If we’re honest, that’s the first thing we think about – even before we sign up for the TEFL course. So, to add some details to your daydreams, here are a few of our favourite places to Teach English as a Foreign Language that will appeal to all the beach bums out there.

1. Thailand

There should be no doubt that Thailand would be top of this list. Besides the fact that it has a different beach for each weekend of the year, these beaches are all pristine. Think soft, white sand, clear, blue seas, hammocks and a neverending supply of cheap cocktails.


2. Bali

Undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist beach destinations in the world, Bali is home to some spectacular beaches. Though the tourist areas may get crowded in tourist season, you’re sure to find some hidden gems.

There aren’t a lot of TEFL positions available here and there is a lot of competition but if you can get one it’ll be nothing short of living in paradise.

Tropical beach with white sand in Bali

3. Turkey

Turkey is still on the rise as a TEFL destination, which means that there are schools (and vacancies) opening up every month and not a lot of teachers to fill them. Turkey has an incredible history to get to know and many of its cities are inviting in their own right but if it’s beaches you’re after, head down to the coast and experience a taste of Turkish paradise.

oludeniz, Turkey

4. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is definitely one of those places that fits the description of a tropical paradise. Beautiful beaches, good surf and amazing natural scenery make this an extremely beautiful place to teach. Even if you can only find a job in a city, wherever you are you won’t be far from the beach. If you’re looking for a beach adventure, Costa Rica is it.

Peaceful beach on Caribbean coast of Costa Rica

5. Spain

With an average of over 300 days of annual sunshine, it’s hard to beat the climate of Spain. Add to that the gorgeous beaches and fun-loving people and you have a recipe for an amazing lifestyle. Good food, good weather, good vibes – what more could you want? Oh yes, a job – there are loads of jobs too!

Fuengirola Beach, tourist city on the coast of the Mediterranean

So what are you waiting for? Pack your sunscreen and off you go!