Published 30th June 2016

Do online TEFL courses work?

Research has shown that there are different ways of studying; how you study best depends on your personality and how your brain works. Think about what you need to do to study most effectively. If, for example, in order to actually absorb information you need to take notes in class, you are a linguistic learner. If you like to draw mindmaps, then you’re a visual learner. If you repeat the information aloud back to yourself, then you’re an auditory learner. You could also be a kinaesethetic, logical, social or solitary learner.

Whatever kind of learner you are, the fact remains that we are all different, and we accomplish learning by different means. In other words, we all need to use different methods and activities to learn most effectively. If you’re in a traditional classroom, this can cause complications with lessons as everybody will respond to different activities in different ways. Not only that, but as individuals our different strengths and weaknesses mean that we will fare better or worse on activities than our classmates. Students will complete tasks and activities at different speeds and to certain levels of success.

All that doesn’t matter with an online TEFL course. With an online TEFL course you study independently, which means that you only need to look after yourself and there is no teacher who will need to cater to other learners, rather than focussing on you and your individual needs. Instead, you are free to learn at your own pace, spending more time on concepts which you have problems with, and less time with those you don’t. You can also choose the way in which you want to study without having to spend time on activities which won’t benefit you as much.

This is the major plus of online TEFL courses and it’s probably the main reason online TEFL courses work. Student motivation is a huge factor in course completion and if you have power over your learning situation, your motivation will be high. The individualised attention and support from specially assigned tutors means that you will feel supported and you will be able to deal with any issues you have as they arise. You will not need to consider the needs of other students.

The bottom line? Online TEFL courses work. They provide you with the opportunity to study however and whenever you want, which makes it possible for you to create the optimal learning situation for yourself. This freedom gives you motivation which, in turn, leads to success in your studies. As long as you are able to work independently, stay motivated, be dedicated and put in the hours, then doing an online TEFL course can be the perfect way for you to study.