Published 30th June 2016

Learn TEFL online

Did you know that it’s possible to learn how to teach English as a Foreign Language online? Well, it is. Learning TEFL online is a relatively new phenomenon but it makes the most sense. Deciding to become a TEFL teacher is often an idea which is taken up when a person already has a job and, let’s face it, giving up your job to study is not an option a lot of us have the luxury to afford. So it makes sense to be able to learn TEFL at your own pace, in your own time; in other words, it makes sense to be able to learn TEFL online.

Though online courses may not have as good a reputation as bricks-and-mortar educational institutions, this is starting to change. Online courses are now just as accredited as traditional courses and are as acceptable as a qualification. These days, employers realise that not everybody can attend classes and should not be penalised for studying independently. Besides, we now know that not everybody is suited to learning in a traditional classroom. If you can achieve the same result studying on your own, why shouldn’t you?

If you’re worried about the quality of a course which lets you learn TEFL online, don’t be. Because there is such a huge market for online TEFL courses, because so many people decide to learn TEFL online, there are loads of courses to choose from, which means that they need to be competitive in order to attract students. For you this means that you can expect a high quality course at a competitively low price.

What’s more, there are certain things that are necessary to know if you want to learn TEFL and be able to be a TEFL teacher: a knowledge of the English language, lesson planning skills, classroom management techniques and theories of learning are just a few. The various courses need to make sure they incorporate this knowledge into their course, or else they won’t be accredited and they won’t be trusted by employers, and if that’s the case, your TEFL course won’t have a good reputation and won’t be attractive to students. Luckily for you, this means that you can shop around until you find the online TEFL course that is perfect for you, in terms of the whole package.

What it boils down to, really, is that if you are thinking about doing a TEFL course, this is the perfect time to learn TEFL online. The qualification you receive at the end of an online TEFL course is equal to what you would receive from any other TEFL course, with the added bonuses of convenience and independence.