Published 30th June 2016


We all love a good discount, don’t we? If you’re thinking about buying anything you’re more likely to buy something on discount, even though deep down you know that there probably is a catch. Well, not always. There are still some good people left in the world who are happy to give discounts on products without taking you for a ride.

Like us, for example.

The TEFL Academy already offers a Level 5 TEFL Course (168 hours) at a good price yet, from time to time, we like to mix things up a bit and offer you a TEFL online course discount. Amazing. Why? Because we can. Because we know we have a good course that is accredited and UK/USA government approved. Because we want to be able to introduce more people to the wonderful world of Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Because we know that once you have done our Level 5 TEFL Course (168 hours) you will be able to get the job you didn’t know you’ve always wanted.

Exactly what kind of a job are we talking about? Teaching English to a class of 6 year old children in Shanghai, China. Teaching Business English to executives in Berlin, Germany. Teaching Academic English to university students in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Teaching Conversational English to gap year students in London, England. The list is, literally, endless.

If you are intrigued by the thought of all this, then you should give some serious thought to doing The TEFL Academy’s Level 5 Online TEFL Course (168 hours).  Do your research and you’ll see why we are considered the world’s leading TEFL course service provider. Then, when you realise that this is what you need to be doing with your life, have a sneaky look at our website and check out what discount we are offering for our online course. It just might be the final convincing you need.

So what are you waiting for? Does the thought of teaching English to a class of strangers make you nervous? Well, it should, but once you’ve done our Level 5 168-hour online course, you won’t need to. Our course covers all issues relating to theories of learning and teaching, lesson planning, assessment, classroom management and discipline. Plus we have a look at the English language to make sure you know exactly what it is you are teaching. We have super-friendly tutors who are there to help you whenever you need support and they are EFL professionals so they know what they are talking about.

Once you’ve done our Level 5 168-hour online TEFL course and you’re feeling confident (because you will) then we’ll give you assistance in finding a job. Maybe you’ll want to do a short volunteer placement first, just to test the waters. That’s fine, we can help you with that. Or maybe you’ll feel ready to take the plunge and commit to a 12-month contract in some faraway place. That’s OK too, we can also help you with that.