Published 30th June 2016

What is an online TEFL course like?

If you’re thinking about doing an online TEFL course, you’ve probably got a million questions:

What is expected of me?

What do I have to do?

Will I be tested?

Is there anyone to help me?

Will it help me find a job?

Take a deep breath, grab a cuppa tea, and let’s talk about what an online TEFL course is like.

Firstly, the course will consist of a number of modules which will require you to do a lot of reading. The readings will be given to you and there will be recommendations for further readings on certain topics. There may even be a video or two for you to watch.

These modules will include topics like English grammar, teaching language, teaching skills, lesson planning and classroom management. Once you have read the given texts or watched the videos, you will be given a task or activity which will test your knowledge of that module. If you do badly, you can go back and look at the material again; if you do well, you give yourself a pat on the back and move on.

These modules can be done in your own time so you can complete them whenever you want. Maybe you enjoy doing a bit of reading in the evenings after work, or in bed on a Saturday morning. Maybe you read best with a good cup of coffee at your local café, or with a pint of the good stuff. However you manage to stay focussed and whenever you have free time, that’s when you’ll do your readings.

You don’t need to feel like you’re an island, though. The great thing about online TEFL courses is that you get the best of both worlds: you can work on your own or you can chat to other people when you want to. There are tutors available to answer any questions you may have, help you with any content you may be struggling with, or even just to say hi to prove that you are not alone.

What else is an online TEFL course like?

It’s a whole new world. It will open up your mind to things you’ve never thought of before and introduce you to a whole new concept of employment. You’ve probably been speaking English for your whole life, but have you really actually

thought about it? Have you thought about how you learnt to read and write and speak, and how you can help other people do the same? Probably not, and this is how an online TEFL course will help you. Plus, it will prepare you for a job which is like no other, a job which is more an adventure than a job, really, a job which pays you to have fun. Now who wouldn’t want a job like that?