Published 3rd May 2017

Planning our lessons may not be the best part of our jobs as EFL teachers, but it is still necessary and something that we do pretty much every day. As we get more experienced, our planning will take up less and less of our time, but the fact is that it still takes up time we could be using doing other things – sleeping, for example.

Thankfully there are loads of resource books available for us to use, which can make our lesson planning much less time-consuming and our lives much easier. Photocopiable resource books are our favourites, because you don’t have to worry about copyright and everything is basically done for you, all you need to do is figure out how it would work best in the classroom.

To help you choose the best additions to your ELT library, here we have our favourite photocopiable resource books for the EFL classroom.

Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking Extra

The Extra series is a great series of books which will provide material for loads of lessons. Each book is divided into units according to topic and each unit is further divided by level. The great thing about this series is that the unit topics extend across all the books, so you can plan a week’s worth of skills lessons based on them.

Instant Academic Skills

A great resource for English for Academic Purposes (EAP) classes or even students who enjoy lessons of a more serious nature. The book provides materials for all four skills, grouped by topic.

Games for Vocab/Grammar Practice

Two books, both equally useful. More than 50 vocabulary games and activities to practise vocabulary for learners from Elementary to Advanced.

IELTS Resource Pack

A must-have for any IELTS class. This book provides not only games and activities but photocopiable materials which are all directly related to the exam. Having this book will mean you no longer need to think of fun ways to incorporate exam practice into your classes.

Instant Lessons

A set of books for Elementary to Advanced learners. Each book contains ten reading, ten writing, ten vocabulary and ten grammar lessons. Each lesson should take about 55 minutes, making each lesson enough to base an entire lesson on.

If you find yourself staying up all night planning your lessons and sourcing appropriate materials, consider investing in these photocopiable resources and you can rather get some well-deserved shut-eye.