Published 29th September 2017

Asia is undoubtedly one of the most popular regions for TEFL teachers, but not many people consider Hong Kong as a serious possibility as a TEFL destination. Instead, Hong Kong is often seen as a stopover on the way to the other TEFL heavyweights like South Korea and Japan. This is a shame, because Hong Kong is an interesting mix of history and modernity, East and West, and it offers a very attractive option for TEFL teachers.

Finding a TEFL job in Hong Kong

One of the beauties of Hong Kong is that it is equally likely to find a job online before you arrive in the country, or on your own steam if you are already in the country. It’s possible to find jobs in public schools, language schools or universities, though teaching requirements are different for all of those. The bare essentials that you need to teach English in Hong Kong is a degree and a 120-hour TEFL course; if you have a PGCE or a Master’s you may be able to ask for higher rates of pay.

Teaching English in Hong Kong

Even though English is widely spoken in Hong Kong there is a huge demand for English teachers because of Hong Kong being an international centre for business. Teaching English in Hong Kong can mean teaching Young Learners, teens, adults or businessmen and women. If you find an EFL job in a language school, you will probably be required to teach in shifts and over weekends. The British Council is one of, if not the, biggest language school in the country and one which offers a very good working environment, especially if you are keen on developing your skills as a teacher. On the plus side, teaching jobs in Hong Kong often come with very generous packages, including airfare and accommodation.

Living in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city of beautiful contradictions. Its culture and history is evident as you walk the streets yet it boasts modern skyscrapers, shopping malls and cutting-edge technology.  It is a major city but there are parks around every corner and islands and mountains are just a boat ride away. When you get hungry, there’s enough dim sum to satisfy even the healthiest appetite, and there are numerous watering holes and expat hangouts if you are looking for a night out like you’re used to at home.  Plus, Hong Kong is a great starting point for travelling to countries like Australia, Japan or Thailand

The only downside to living in Hong Kong is the hefty price tag attached to, well, everything, but in this case the high cost of living is worth it and you should be able to live fairly decently on your salary – just don’t hope to save that much. All in all, though, there are very few countries in Asia where you can find this mix of cultures and standard of living and teaching here is exciting and easy.