Published 8th February 2018

Asia is having a moment right now. Though it has always been a popular destination with backpackers, holidaymakers and TEFL teachers, Asia’s popularity is reaching a peak right now. For good reason: Asia offers gorgeous landscapes, incredible adventures and plentiful jobs. Why wouldn’t you want to go?

If you’re thinking about giving Asia a try, here are six countries you should think about visiting:


Thailand is definitely the country you should go to if you are looking for a good time. Even though you may not earn as much as in other Asian countries, you are sure to be earning enough to live comfortably and travel whenever you can. No matter where you are in Thailand, you’ll find a welcoming culture and a great nightlife.

South Korea

South Korea is the place to go if you want to earn some dollars. Schools in South Korea may expect you to work long hours but you will be compensated with an attractive package, usually including flights and accommodation. Plus, you are likely to have paid holidays which will give you ample time to explore this intriguing landscape.


Japan is the choice for culture vultures. While most (if not all) countries in Asia boast a long and colourful past and a fascinating culture, there’s something about Japan that makes it stand out. There are loads of teaching jobs in Japan and even though teaching experience is preferred, you’ll still be able to find a job in a school or a university regardless of the number of years you’ve spent teaching.


Vietnam is one of the fastest growing TEFL job markets in Asia. Salaries are low but the cost of living is even lower. If you’re looking for a gentle introduction to teaching English abroad, with a relaxed working environment and loads of opportunities to explore your new environment, then Vietnam is the place for you.


China is another Asian country where there are jobs aplenty, simply because there are so many English language learners. You can expect to have an experience like no other in China, so if that’s what you’re looking for, don’t look any further. Don’t let any bad press dissuade you from considering this amazing country as your TEFL destination.


Taiwan is the often-forgotten cousin of the Asian family. A small island, it nevertheless has a thriving EFL environment. It is known for maintaining a balance between its history and modernity, and being a very relaxed place to teach English.

There are seven continents you can choose from when deciding where to teach English (though we’re not sure how many jobs you’ll find on Antarctica) but Asia should definitely be on your radar. The beauty of Asia is that there are countries to suit every kind of teacher – the new teacher, the serious teacher, the laidback teacher, the money-hungry teacher and the adventurous teacher. The whole area boasts spectacular scenery, enriching cultural experiences and a fascinating way of life. If you’re considering teaching English abroad, start your search with these six countries.