Published 20th June 2018

EFL worksheets

Planning, planning, planning. Sometimes it can feel like that’s all EFL teachers do. But it’s a necessary evil. Necessary because we need a plan to ensure our lessons run smoothly and accomplish the aims we want to achieve. Necessary because we need a plan, no matter how flimsy, to make sure our teaching is effective. Necessary because we need to gather resources and materials before our lessons. And nothing makes planning easier than finding awesome EFL worksheets.

The problem is, it can take ages to find the right worksheet. The worksheet which is suitable for your students, their level and your lesson. The worksheet you will keep and use again and again. You’ve probably found yourself googling away for more than a couple hours trying to find these perfect worksheets. You’ve probably realised that it’s not as easy as you’d like it to be. Frustratingly enough, it’s precisely because there are so many websites out there which have EFL worksheets for teachers that makes it difficult to find the good ones.

Top 5 websites for finding good EFL worksheets.

One-Stop English

Surely one of the most popular sites for EFL resources. OneStopEnglish has over 9 000 resources including lesson plans, worksheets, audio, video and flashcards. There is the option to subscribe to gain access to the whole site but there are loads of free resources too.

Busy Teacher

Busy Teacher offers free printable worksheets and lesson plans on a range of topics. Worksheets can be found by topic or according to grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading, writing, speaking and pronunciation.

English Club

Though it may not be the best-looking site, English Club has a range of free worksheets for your teaching pleasure. Be sure to look under the Teach English tab to find what you are looking for.

ESL Flow

ESL Flow has a ton of EFL worksheets aimed at Beginner, Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate learners. You can search for worksheets by topic or language system or skill. This site is also free.

Teach This

Teach This has over 1 000 EFL worksheets, teaching activities and games for you to use in the classroom. They cover all learners from Beginner to Upper-Intermediate. Again, there are subscription options but lots of worksheets available for free as well.

The Internet can be our friend when it comes to planning our English lessons. But it can also be a deep, dark hole that you can fall down. Subsequently you can waste hours of your precious time with nothing useful to show for it. Save yourself the frustration and the energy and bookmark a few websites you find useful. When you need a worksheet, bypass Google and go straight to these websites and search for what you need.