Published 15th August 2018

Teach English Abroad

If you’ve just passed your TEFL certificate or you’re still studying, you might be nervous about taking on a job to teach English abroad.

7 good reasons to teach English abroad

Learn about Different Cultures

When you live somewhere for a period of time you get to know the people and the culture on a much deeper level than someone on holiday. It’s an experience that will broaden your horizons and give you memories that will stay with you forever.

Pick Up a New Language

You might not be in a place long enough to learn the language fluently. However, even over a short time you will pick up the basics. It’s a good skill to have- It just might help you if you decide to go to another country where your language snippets will get you by. For example, if you go to Spain and pick up some Spanish, it will be a great help if later on you decide to teach English abroad in Argentina.

Get Paid to Travel

If you love to travel and don’t want to be in one place for long, teaching is a great way to see the world while getting paid. You won’t make your fortune, but you will be able to see as many different countries as you want to without worrying about money.

Work Experience

Getting a job to teach English abroad means you’ll gain valuable experience. Teachers of English as a foreign language have to be communicative, patient and organised. These are valuable work skills that you can take with you to other types of work. Your time abroad will also give you the experience you’ll need if you decide to teach back at home or branch out onto another ESL career path.

Make New Friends

Teaching English abroad will help you to make friends with people from many different countries. You’ll not only meet people who come from the place you’re teaching. You’ll also meet other teachers and workers from your own country and beyond.

Improve your CV

If you ever decide to stop teaching and follow another career. The fact that your CV shows you were able to go abroad and live and work successfully in a foreign country, will be a benefit. It will also help when you apply for other teaching jobs abroad. Make your CV:

  • Easy to read
  • Include a photograph
  • Put your experience first

Increase Your Confidence

Travelling alone to a foreign country, finding somewhere to live and starting a job will give you confidence you never thought you had. You’ll also see your confidence grow as you get more teaching experience. This confidence will shine through when you decide to take up a new TEFL position and teach English abroad in another country.