Published 1st August 2018

Teaching English as a foreign language

The great thing about Teaching English as a Foreign Language is that you go almost anywhere in the world to work. And, you don’t need to be able to speak the language before you get there.

That means you can take your pick of destinations. Maybe you want to take your TEFL skills to Asia, Central America, Europe or South America.

One of the exciting things about living and working in a country is picking up the language and being able to communicate with the locals. So what are the best ways to learn the local language while you are busy teaching English as a foreign language.

Have Private Tuition

There’s bound to be a teacher of your local language in your area. He or she might work from home. You could have one-to-one lessons or get a small group of teachers together and form a small class. You can then help each other out and practice vocabulary and pronunciation together.

Go to An Academy

As your students come to you for English, you might find there are classes at an academy which teach the local language. The classes will be larger, but it will be a cheaper alternative to private classes. The only problem might be that the classes are at the same time as your classes teaching English as a foreign language.

Join a Conversation Swap

If there isn’t one already, you can set one up. Get together with other English people who want to learn the local language and meet up with locals in a local coffee bar or café. Then you can sit down and talk to each other swapping languages. You try and chat in the local language and your partner can speak to you in English. It’s a fun and informal way to learn how to speak like a local.


When you go out shopping or for an evening out, practice what you’ve learnt. Ask for food and drink in the local language. Don’t worry about pronunciation, you’ll soon be corrected. If you keep talking, you’ll soon find that speaking in the local language becomes second nature.

Teaching English as a foreign language is such a great job.

You get the opportunity to see a different country and learn a new language if you want to.