Published 23rd August 2018

teaching English as a foreign language

Peru in South America is very popular with TEFL teachers. It’s a place that’s full of history and there’s so much to see and do. The official language is Spanish, although there are some Peruvians who speak a local language called Quechua. It’s a great place for teaching English as a foreign language.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Peru

Peru’s capital is Lima. Here you’ll find plenty of offers for work teaching English as a Foreign Language. You will also be able to find work in the cities of Cusco and Arequipa.

You need to start looking for jobs during February and March or July and August. You don’t need a degree to teach English as a foreign language in Peru. Some schools prefer it, but not all. But, you will require a TEFL certificate.

Teaching English in Peru’s cities

  • Lima – Lima is in the north of Peru and it overlooks the Pacific Ocean. On the beaches you’ll see plenty of surfers and paragliders. It’s the largest city in Peru. As well as being a place for tourists, Lima is also a busy business centre.
  • Arequipa – This is Peru’s second largest city. It’s 2,335 meters above sea level. From the city you can see the El Misti volcano which stands at 5, 822 metres. Arequipa is in the south and is close to the borders of Chile and Bolivia. Although it’s a city it is not as noisy or as busy as Lima. It will suit you if you want to teach English as a foreign language in a laid-back city.
  • Cusco – This city is in south east Peru and was the capital of the Inca Valley. It is close to the Sacred Valley of the Incas and the Andes mountain range. It’s popular with tourists passing through on their way to visit Machu Picchu or the Inca Valley.

Peru has a low cost of living. The average monthly salary is between $400 and $800 a month. Wages are low, but you can live comfortably teaching English as a foreign language, although you probably won’t be able to save. You might be able to take on private student to boost your income.