Published 24th August 2018

young TEFL learners

Teaching young TEFL learners in the classroom can be challenging. Unlike older children, young learners find it difficult to sit still and concentrate for long periods of time.

Don’t forget these 3 key points about TEFL young learners

  • Young learners have short attention spans
  • They need frequent subject changes
  • They enjoy learning through games

So, how do you keep young learners interested?

Tips to keep young TEFL learners interested:

Get young TEFL learners out of their chairs

Sitting in a chair for 45 minutes is difficult for young TEFL learners. It’s best to involve them in your classes. You can do this by giving them an activity they must do in a team. Get them to move to another part of the classroom. Or, you can get them to come up to the white board and draw or fill in missing letters from a word.

Make Learning Fun for young TEFL learners

Play educational games in class. This will help your young TEFL learners to associate learning English with having fun. For example, if you are teaching clothing items, bring a big bag of old adult’s clothes with two of everything inside. Put them on the desk in a bundle. Split your class into two teams and say the name of an article they have to come up, find the article of clothing and put it on. It’s a fun way to teach young learners the names of clothing items.

Change Your Activities Frequently for young TEFL learners

To keep young TEFL learners interested you must change class activities frequently. Don’t stay on one subject for more than 10 or 15 minutes, or you will find that your students begin to get bored and fidgety. You can begin the class with an explanation of what you’re going to teach. Do an activity on the board, play a game, sing a song and end the class with a quiet activity that clams them down and reinforces what they have been learning. It can be challenging, but a lesson plan will help you to make the changes easily.

Remember these useful tips when teaching young TEFL learners to keep them interested.