Published 13th September 2018


It’s exciting to be teaching English in a different country, but it can also be frustrating when you’re working and trying to get to know the people and places. You might need to find accommodation, figure out the currency or find your way around the city. The solution: Apps.


There are some great apps to help you.  In this blog, we have given you some examples of Apps for maps,  Apps for accommodation, Apps for currency conversion as well as money apps for keeping track of your finances and creating a budget.

6 apps that just might help to make life easier.

Currency XE App

A free app which lets you check your currency wherever you’re teaching English as a foreign language. It’s available for iPhones and on android devices. It will really help you until you get a grip of the currency.

Rome2Rio App

If you like to travel when you’ve got some free time from teaching English as a foreign language, this is a useful app to have. It helps you to plan your route by giving you details of available transport and how long it will for you to get there. Perfect if you’ve got the day off and fancy seeing somewhere new. It’s free and it’s available for iPhones and android.

Maps Me App

Maps Me say they have detailed guides of over 60 cities and subway maps from over 156 cities. It’s free and you can use it offline, which is great when there’s no internet connection. Perfect for exploring a city. Available for iPhones and android.

Moneywise App

When you first start to teach English as a foreign language abroad it’s nice to have some help with budgeting. This app can help you track your every day expenses and create a budget. It’s the perfect way to manage your money especially in those first few weeks before you get your first wage.

Hostelworld App

If you need to look for temporary accommodation when you first arrive to teach English as a foreign language, this app can help you to find available places to stay in more than 170 countries. You can also use it if you decide to travel around the country your working in during your free time.

Google translate App

If you’ve decided to take a job teaching English as a foreign language abroad, then it’s likely you don’t speak the language. It won’t take you long to pick up the basics. But, until you do google translate can help you to communicate in the meanwhile.

Check out these apps that will make your life abroad easier.