Published 18th September 2018

Teach English in Spain

If you’re hoping to teach English as a foreign language in Europe, then Spain is a great place for experienced and novice teachers.  Read on to find out more about  how to teach English in  Spain.

There’s plenty of demand for TEFL teachers teaching English in Spain and you don’t always need a university degree to teach here. You can choose a big city, you can apply to one of the many towns who have thriving language schools. Spain’s a large country. You can take your pick from any of the regions in the north, east, south or west of Spain. You can also choose to teach English as a foreign language in the Balearic islands of Palma or Ibiza. There’s not as much choice as the Spanish mainland, but there are schools in the capital and in larger towns.

When teaching English in Spain, you can expect to earn between 1,000 euros and 1,800 euros a month. Depending on what part of Spain you are in. You can expect to earn more in Madrid and Barcelona, but the cost of living will be higher.

The best place to start looking to teach English in Spain is in the Spanish cities where there is more opportunity to find a job teaching English as a foreign language.

Key cities to teach English in Spain


  • Madrid is in the middle of Spain. It’s the country’s capital and it’s the largest city. It lies on the river Manzanares. Transport links are excellent and it’s easy to get around by metro or bus. As well as being a tourist location, Madrid also has plenty of students keen to learn English. The centre of Madrid is packed with museums, galleries and other historic places of interest. It’s also home to the Retiro Park which is a little piece of tranquillity in a very busy city.


  • Seville is in Southern Spain. It is the capital of Andalucia and it’s located in Spain’s south west corner. Getting around the city is simple using buses or bikes. There’s plenty to see when you have free time. You can visit the Giralda and Seville’s Cathedral and it’s also a great place for trying tapas (small portions of food served with a drink). If you fancy a trip to the coast Cadiz is about an hour and half away by bus or train.


  • Valencia is on Spain’s east coast. It’s the third largest city. Valencia has a beach and a large park, so you get city life and beach and countryside tranquillity. Transport links are excellent. There’s trams, buses and a metro. Bikes are also popular and there’s plenty of bike lanes throughout the city. When you have some free time visit the City of Arts and If you’re there in March you can experience the Las Fallas fiesta which is five days of fireworks, singing, dancing and eating.

If you’re interested and would like to teach English in Spain, have a look at the TEFL Academy jobs board.