Published 24th September 2018

Teaching English in Russia

If you want to experience a new culture in somewhere full of history and culture, then get a job teaching English in Russia. It’s the largest country in the world. If you travelled all the way through it, you’d pass eight time zones.

There’s a lot of opportunity to teach English in Russia. You don’t necessarily need a degree to work in a Russian language school and there are also opportunities for new teachers. The pay is about average. You can expect to earn between 1,000 and 1,500 dollars a month.

So where can you find work teaching English in Russia?

The most popular places to find work teaching English in Russia are:

  • Moscow
  • St Petersburg
  • Nizhniy-Novgorod
  • Volgograd


The capital of Russia, Moscow is on the Moskva river. It’s a lively modern city that’s easy to get around on buses or by metro. There’s plenty to see and do in your free time from teaching English in Russia. There’s are large ex-pat community if you want to make new friends.  Moscow is known for its nightlife, culture and history.

St Petersburg

It’s the second largest city in Russia and home to the Winter Palace. Getting around is done by metro or mini-bus. Spend your free time exploring the parks and museums.  The cost of living is lower than Moscow, so you can expect to pay less for an apartment and other living expenses.


Nizhniy-Novgorod is in the west of Russia on the Volga and the river Oka. Between 1932 and 1990 it was known as Gorky. It’s a university town with other educational institutions. Therefore, there are plenty of opportunities for teaching English as a foreign language. You can get around the city easily by using buses, trams, trolleybuses and the metro. It’s a great place to live if you enjoy art and music and there’s plenty to explore within the city.


Formerly known as Stalingrad, this city is in the Southwest of Russia on the banks of the Volga river. Transport connections are very good. You can get around the city on buses, trams and trolleybuses. It’s an industrial and educational centre so it’s a good place to start teaching English in Russia. In your free time visit Komsomol Park and the Planetarium.

So how about teaching English in Russia?