Published 15th October 2018

Teach English in Norway

Would you like to teach English in Norway?  It’s a fascinating place to visit. It’s got stunning views, marvellous wildlife and of course, the Northern Lights. If you want to see this stunning country, then you can do so as a TEFL qualified teacher teaching English in Norway.

There’s not the huge demand for teaching English in Norway as there is in other countries. This is because the Norwegians tend to leave school being able to speak English. Therefore, there are not as many schools offering private tuition. Don’t let this put you off however, there are still places to teach English in Norway for TEFL qualified teachers with a degree.

The best way to find work to teach English in Norway is to go through an agency, or if you have TEFL experience, apply through the Folksuniversitet system.

Some of the main cities where you can teach English in Norway

  • Oslo – Oslo is in the south of Norway and it is the country’s capital city. Oslo has the best of both worlds being close to water (the Oslofjord) and beautiful hills and mountains. It’s a busy modern city with plenty to see and do.
  • Bergen – Bergen is on the southwest coast of Norway. It’s an historic city and is called the gateway to the fjords. It’s smaller than Oslo, but it still has a big city feel to it.
  • Trondheim – Trondheim is in central Norway. It’s on the Trondheim fjord and it’s Norway’s third largest city. You don’t have to go far out of the city to enjoy the peace and quiet of the Bymarka, which is a large nature reserve and park.

Stavanger – Stavanger is in south west Norway. It has historical sites going back to the middle ages when it was an important fishing port. Now it is a business city and the centre of the oil industry in Norway. There are plenty of higher education institutions here which mean the town also has its fair share of students. Saying that however, it is one of Norway’s most expensive.

So now you know all the main cities to teach English in Norway.