Published 16th July 2019

How get TEFL certified online?

Once you’ve made the decision to get a TEFL certificate, the next step is to decide which TEFL course you’re going to take. There are more TEFL providers than you can shake a stick at, but you can narrow down your choices immediately by first deciding what kind of TEFL course you want to take. Full-time? Part-time? Online? 

If you’re looking for ease and convenience then an online course is the one for you. Online courses can be done anywhere, anytime but, most importantly, at your own pace.

The big question is, how do you get TEFL certified online?

Step 1: Do your research

Before you even think about giving your hard-earned pounds to the first person touting a TEFL course, you need to do some serious research. With so many TEFL providers it is unavoidable that there are some TEFL courses that are not worth your time or money. Avoid regrets by doing due diligence before you sign up for anything.

Here’s how you can research an online TEFL course:

  • Put together a list of TEFL online course providers. This can be from personal recommendations, Facebook ads or Google searches.
  • Have a look at what each course offers and make comparisons. A rule of thumb is that your course shouldn’t be less than 120 hours and should preferably offer the opportunity for some real classroom practice. Online support is also a must.
  • Once you’ve narrowed it down to a few options, check out their Facebook pages and websites to get a feel for the company. 
  • Read reviews of these companies and their courses, both on their own websites and on other websites.
  • Ask in any of TEFL Facebook groups if anyone has any experience with any of the courses.
Start with Research - working out how get TEFL certified online?
Start with Research – working out how get TEFL certified online?

Step 2: Ask the right questions

Make sure you know the answers to a few important questions before you sign up.

  • Is the course accredited by anyone?
  • What is the course completion rate?
  • What is the course pass rate?
  • What is the turnaround time for course assignments?
  • What support is offered during the course?
  • What support is offered after the course?
  • How long do I have to complete the course?

The TEFL course provider should be more than happy to answer these questions. If they are not available to chat to you or if they give you ambiguous, unclear answers, then they’re not the TEFL course provider you want to use.

Step 3: Sign up

If you have found a course that satisfies all of your requirements, congratulations! You’re now ready to sign up for your TEFL course. Pop the TEFL provider a message and someone should get back to you as soon as humanly possible with details regarding payment and registration.

Step 4: Prepare yourself

Once you’ve paid and have been given access to the course, the temptation to jump right in can be strong. Try resist it for five more minutes while you get yourself organised. Make sure you have a quiet space where you can read your course material and listen to lectures in peace. You should have a space where you are comfortable and can take notes when necessary. Make sure you have plenty of coffee and tell your friends you phone is broken so no one will bother you. Turn off Facebook and Instagram notifications or ask your bestie to hide your phone from you for a couple of hours.

Step 5: Get stuck in

Now you’re free to go as fast or as slow as you like. There’s no need to rush things, so take your time to make sure you understand each module before you move onto the next one. Make sure you read not only the course material but also any extra reading material that is recommended. If you hit a stumbling block, make use of their online forums or support officers who can help you. The thing with online learning is that no one can tell if you’re struggling or not, it’s up to you to ask for help if you need it. 

Step 6: That’s it!

You’re done! No more steps! Now you can go and apply for your dream job teaching millionaires in Monte Carlo, or barmen in Bangkok, or kindergarteners in Kiev, or… 

  1. Hello! I am a student of English language and literature from Montenegro. I am interested in your online 168 hours course but since you don’t have headquarters in my country I am wondering how can I get my certificate after I finish the course. Do you send them in electronic form or by mail? I would also like to know this course is internationally acknowledged and will you help with job options? Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi there, Teodora. Once you have completed a TEFL course with us, we will then dispatch a hard copy of your certificate to the postal address provided to us. We can dispatch this certificate to any country around the world. We offer a 168 hour, level 5, TEFL Course, which will qualify you to teach English as a foreign language in most countries around the world. We’re the world’s only TEFL course provider that has received official recognition from government regulated awarding bodies both in the US and the UK. Our course has been approved by the DEAC, a U.S. Department of Education National Accreditor. Our course is internationally recognised, regulated by Ofqual, a UK government department and awarded by Qualifi, a UK government recognized awarding body. You can find more information via the following link:

  2. Good day sir,
    My name is Stephen, I am a graduate of Microbiology from a Nigeria University and I’m new here in Istanbul, Turkey. I will like to know if I can register for TEFL course and how I can register for the course. I will also like to know how to get support throughout the course period

  3. My name is Ziphozonke Nzama. I am a journalism and media studies graduate who has a passion for learning & sharing my knowledge.

    I am interested in doing a TEFL course & I would like to know if I can get funding to complete this course as I am currently unemployed.

    Ziphozonke Nzama
    Journalism and media studies graduate
    076 761 0360.

    1. Hello Ziphozonke, we do accept funding for the TEFL course we offer. If you wish to secure funding you will need to get this from another organisation as we do not offer funding. We have sent you an email with our course information and a prospectus. 🙂

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