Published 8th December 2019

Must-go Locations When Travelling the UK

If you are working and living in the UK, you should definitely find the time to do some travelling while you are there. While it may not seem as exotic as Bali or Mexico, the UK has a lot to offer its visitors in terms of natural beauty, history and culture.  Here are a few of our favourite must-go locations when travelling the UK:

London and Edinburgh

Not surprisingly, the two capital cities have a lot to offer. They are both simultaneously historic and modern, depending on where you are in the city. Both have numerous tourist attractions worthy of a visit – Buckingham Palace, Edinburgh Castle, Hyde Park and Arthur’s Seat to name a few, and they both cater for every taste. 

Top tip: even though they may be expensive cities, look out for all the free attractions on offer.

The Lake District

The UK’s newest UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Lake District is the perfect place for you if you enjoy hiking and adventuring in the great outdoors, never far from gorgeous views of lakes – or keeping warm in a cosy pub. 

Top tip: don’t forget your camera!

Must-go Locations When Travelling the UK


Bath is considered by some to be one of the prettiest cities in England. The obvious things to do when you’re there is to visit the Thermae Bath Spa and the Roman Baths but besides being a spa town, the Georgian architecture and honey-coloured Bath stone make this city a beautiful city to wander around.

Top tip: climb the 212 steps of Bath Abbey’s Tower for breathtaking views of the city.

The Cotswolds

If you’re looking for somewhere quintessentially British, the Cotswolds would be it. Picture-perfect villages with stone cottages, flowing streams and winding roads make this the perfect escape from the city. 

Top tip: visit Brockworth in May to witness the crazy Cheese Rolling Competition.


For a little bit of beach, head to Cornwall. Gorgeous sandy beaches, beautiful coastal walking trails and perfect surf spots make this corner of England a definite must-see for waterbabies.

Top tip: when you need a day off from the sand, visit the Eden Project, where massive biomes house a rainforest, plants and exhibitions.

Cambridge and Oxford

Student towns have never been so beautiful! Though there is massive rivalry between these two student towns, they are both quaint and atmospheric. Simply walking around the towns will make you feel like you’re in a medieval movie, but visiting the university colleges will make it seem like you’re in Harry Potter!

Top tip: You can’t leave either Cambridge or Oxford without taking a trip down the river on a punt.

The Scottish Highlands

England is not the only country in the UK with breathtaking scenery! Hiking, dolphin-spotting and monster-hunting are just a few popular activities in the Highlands. 

Top tip: take a trip on the Jacobite steam train to see the best the Highlands has to offer, described as one of the greatest railway journeys of the world. 


Heading on into Wales, which has even more natural beauty for you to enjoy. Snowdonia has deep valleys and high mountains, which make it a great place for leisurely walks or strenuous hikes. 

Top tip: if you’re feeling adventurous, have a go on the longest zipline in Europe – not for the fainthearted!

As you can see, the UK has so much to offer, no matter what your tastes are. Not many people realise how diverse these countries are, and they deserve a lot more attention than they get. History, culture, natural beauty – the UK should be next on your holiday destination list.

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