Published 23rd December 2019

What is Manchester Known for?

So, what is Manchester known for? When you think of cities in the United Kingdom your first thought will probably be of London. This is not surprising considering how much the English capital has to offer, but it is by no means the only city of note in England, or even the United Kingdom. You only need to look 300 kilometers north to find another heavyweight city: Manchester.

But what can Manchester offer you that London can’t?


Not only has Manchester given us more rock stars per head than any other British city but it is now known as the party city of the United Kingdom. Famous bands from the city include the likes of Oasis, Joy Division, The Hollies and The Tings Tings, while the Warehouse Project attracts thousands of clubbers every night. 


Emmeline Pankhurst, the mother of the Sufragette movement, was born in Manchester. For those of you who slept through your History lessons, Pankhurst formed the Women’s Social and Political Union in 1903 and dedicated her life to feminism and promoting gender equality. In fact, she was a key figure in convincing the British government to give women the right to vote.


Definitely one of Manchester’s (many) Instagram-worthy attractions, Chinatown is a celebration of the city’s considerable East Asian population. Make your way to the iconic Chinese arch on Faulkner Street and browse the Chinese supermarkets, shops and restaurants. Top tip: go hungry!

What is Manchester Known for?

Old Trafford

You don’t need to be a football fan to associate Manchester and football. Manchester United is one of the best-known football clubs in the world and their home stadium is the biggest in the UK. Even when there isn’t a match on fans flock here to visit the museum or take a tour of the stadium. And don’t forget about the other football team!

Salford Quays

What was once an industrial hub has now been reinvented as a cultural area. Shop at the Quays Shopping Centre, visit the Imperial War Museum North, take in a show at the Lowry Theatre or just take a stroll at sunset.

Rice ‘n’ 3

Foodies, we haven’t forgotten about you! When in Manchester there’s no excuse not to visit the Curry Mile and enjoy a spoonful of rice and a scoop of three different curries. It’s by no means fine dining but there’s no doubt you’ll be back for more.


It probably shouldn’t come as a surprise but Manchester is a good place to have a beer! Microbreweries are popping up all over the city, including Cloudwater – considered the second best microbrewery in the world.

Cars, trains and submarines

Manchester has quite a few brag-worthy mentions when it comes to transport. Henry Royce created the first model of the luxury car right here in Manchester; the first railway line was opened in 1830, operating from Manchester to Liverpool; and a vicar from Moss Side devised the world’s first submarine.

Coronation Street

Manchester is home to one of the country’s favourite soapies: Coronation Street. First shown on 9 December 1960, Corrie is the world’s longest-running television soap opera – and it’s still going strong, with on average 7 million viewers per episode. 

So if you thought London was the only city worth mentioning in the UK, you can think again! There are many reasons Manchester is a top tourist destination, with over a million foreign visitors every year. Maybe next year that should be you!

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