Published 25th January 2020

Teach English in Cambodia

A few years ago not many people would’ve been able to identify Cambodia on a map let alone think about relocating there to live and work, but it has been one of the top up-and-coming destinations in the TEFL world over the last year or so. That might surprise you, but we’re here to tell you why it shouldn’t. Why should you teach English in Cambodia? Let us count the ways.

Cambodia is a hidden gem

It’s actually quite surprising that Cambodia is still as untouched as it is. Considering it’s on the very well-worn backpacker route around Thailand, Vietnam and Laos, you would expect a lot more tourist traps and backpackers than there are. It’s not totally deserted and it’s perfectly safe for tourists and travellers, but it doesn’t have the same creature comforts as, say, Thailand. At the same time, costs will still be low and you are guaranteed an authentic experience in the towns and villages still undiscovered by the crowds.

There are loads of holidays…

Cambodia has almost two dozen public holidays a year, which means that on top of the usual school holidays you’ll have tons of time off to relax or explore.

…and countless historical, cultural and natural attractions

If you’re easily bored then Cambodia is a good choice for you. With all the time off you get there is no excuse not to travel this beautiful country. Wander around Angkor Wat – the world’s largest religious monument – for days and soak up the history and the natural and spiritual beauty; relax on a beach in Sihanoukville or on Koh Rong; or brush up on your history at the Toul Sleng Genocide Museum in Phnom Penh, but don’t forget your tissues. 

Why You Should Teach English in Cambodia

TEFL Teachers are hot commodities

There is a huge need for English language teachers in Cambodia, with learners ranging in age from kindergarteners to adults. There are loads of private language schools in the bigger cities of Cambodia which offer English as a Foreign Language lessons. As a result of this demand, it’s not necessary to have a Bachelor’s degree to teach in Cambodia, though this may open up doors to higher pay.

You can make a difference

Besides teaching English as a Foreign Language just as you would in many other countries, in Cambodia there are numerous volunteer organisations which would welcome you with open arms. Because of its turbulent and violent history, and the fact that almost half of Cambodia’s population are under the age of 15, there are thousands of young children who are need of education and teachers who are in need of help and support. Teaching in Cambodia will give you immediate rewards in the gratefulness you will experience from your students and your school and you will go home every day happy in the knowledge that you are making a small difference in this world.

It will change you

Teaching in Cambodia is different to other TEFL experiences. Teaching here will teach you to appreciate the simpler things in life, to control your emotions, to be friendlier and to stress less. 

What more could you want?

  1. I have been teaching English for many many years the last four overseas.(have a degree as well as a tefl certificate) I was retired last year as i am over 60. Is there an age cut off for teaching in Cambodia??

    1. Hi Glenda – It can be trickier for more mature teachers to gain employment once they reach 55-65, This is because it’s difficult for employers to get a working visa approved by the government if you are near or over the retirement age of that country. Therefore, a permanent contract with a language school may not be an option. However, the course will also qualify you to teach online, or teach one-to-one private lessons which may be more appealing for you.

  2. Been working on a school for nearly ten years mentoring children. I would love to use my gifts amongst these children. Please send more info.

    1. Hi Desiree, Its great you are thinking of teaching in Cambodia – We have sent you an Email now with more information about this. 😀

  3. I am interested to find out how I can qualify to be a teacher in not only Cambodia, but in other countries as well. Please let me know how to go about getting myself equipped.

    1. Hi Nonkululeko – One of my colleagues has sent you an Email now with some useful information on our TEFL level 5 course. 😀

  4. I’m moving to cambodia in autumn.
    I currently work for the NHS but have worked as a teaching assistant in the past.
    I would like to complete a tefl course before I go and possibly pick up some work in ths way.

    1. Hi Marie – Its great you are thinking of teaching in Cambodia, We have sent you an Email with some more information about this now! 😀

  5. Good morning,
    Can I have more info please? I have been an EFL Teacher for the past few years. I do have a TEFL certificate and I also have an A Level in English.

    Can you kindly tell me if I qualify to apply.

    Looking forward for your reply.

    Thanks and regards

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