Published 3rd February 2020

A Complete Checklist for Working Abroad

2020 is upon us and, while we might not be flying our cars yet or travelling back in time, we do feel like it’s a good time to make a fresh start. We know we say that every year but this year is different, we promise! So if you’ve been considering doing a TEFL certificate and going abroad to teach English now is the time. So, here are 20 reasons you should do TEFL in 2020.

1. There’s a huge demand for teachers

In 2020 the British Council predicts that there will be approximately 2 billion speakers of English. Of those 2 billion, only 380 million are native speakers, which means there are a lot of English language learners out there and so a huge demand for English teachers. 

2. New year, new you?

Teaching English abroad is a sure way to reinvent yourself. It will take you out of your comfort zone not only in your work but also in your daily life, pushing yourself to change in ways you maybe didn’t think you could.

3. You’ll upskill yourself

Becoming a teacher will mean you will learn new skills like presentation skills, organization and time management, which will look great on your CV.

Reasons You Should Do TEFL
Reasons You Should Do TEFL in 2020

4. You’ll get paid to talk…

Okay, so it’s a bit more complicated than that but if you teach a conversation class or a 1-to-1 class you may very well spend large parts of your lessons having a nice chat.

5.…and play games

That’s right! Because learning English is not exactly the easiest thing in the world to do, many schools prefer you to adopt a fun approach to English language teaching. Bingo, Pictionary, Charades, Taboo – there are literally hundreds of games which can be manipulated into being effective language learning activities. 

6….and be a tourist

If you teach at a language school, you can take your students on educational excursions, so that you can explore your new city while you are working. Or, if you’re working on a summer camp, part of your job will be to go sightseeing with your students. 

7. You can save money

Depending on where you decide to work, you can earn a pretty penny teaching English. Or, even if your salary does not translate well into dollars or pounds, the cost of living could be so low that you’ll still end up saving more than you would living and working back home. Plus you get to do it in the exotic destination of your choice. 

8. You can make a difference

If you’re happy with not earning a salary, there are loads of volunteering opportunities all over the world for TEFL teachers, so you’ll be able to have the experience of a lifetime and you’ll be helping a community in need at the same time.

9. You’ll travel the world

At the very heart of TEFL is the opportunity to travel. There are very few jobs besides teaching English abroad that offer the same opportunities for travel – unless, of course, you’re a supermodel, but then you probably don’t need to teach anyway.

10. It’s the best way to learn a foreign language

It’s been proven again and again: the best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in it, which is exactly what you’ll be doing when you are living and teaching in a foreign country.

11. You’ll improve your own language skills

Besides learning a foreign language, you’ll learn English too! By teaching the language you’ll learn how to write and speak better. Plus, you’ll learn grammatical concepts you didn’t even know existed! 

12. You can learn a new skill

Besides improving your communication skills and learning a new language, there is bound to be a local talent or pastime that you can learn in your new home. If you’re in Argentina, the tango; in Switzerland, how to make fondue; in India, how to meditate. 

13. You could find a new career

Many people decide to teach English abroad as a gap year or to get through a midlife crisis, but there are some who find that teaching is what they were born to do. These natural teachers may never go back to a corporate job and instead spend their lives working wherever they want, whenever they want, helping people all over the world to learn English. 

14. You’ll meet new people

Being a TEFL teacher, you will meet new people every day. You might make friends with your students and you’ll definitely make friends with other teachers – and these are sure to be friends for life. 

15. You might meet your soulmate

By default, the other TEFL teachers you meet while you are teaching abroad will share a similar mindset with you. Not everyone is brave enough to pack their bags and set off for the unknown, but if you meet someone already living and working in a foreign country, you can be sure that your priorities in life will align. 

16. You’ll have more experiences than things

This is definitely going to be a thing in 2020. More and more we are turning away from spending our money on material things and are instead opting for experiences which will give us far better memories than a handbag ever could. Living in a new country will make this easy to accomplish.

17. You can tick off your bucket list

Do you dream of climbing the Great Wall of China? Trekking through a rainforest? Sipping champagne from the top of the Eiffel Tower? As a TEFL teacher you get to travel the world as much as you want, so you’ll be able to achieve your dreams as soon as you want to.

18. You’ll get out more

There is a time and a place for screens, but when you live in a foreign country, you’ll naturally be drawn to spending your time outdoors. This is not only good for your mental health but your physical health too.

19. You could be famous

On the other hand, if you’re good with a camera, have a way with words and enjoy social media, you could start a blog or Instagram account and become a world-famous TEFL teacher/traveller.

20. Why not?

Seriously? Do we need to give you any more reasons? 

Well what are you waiting for?! Now is the time!

  1. I would love to teach in China, i did a Tefl course online and have an online certificate, would i need a degree though to teach? Thank you.

  2. Just curious to find out the success/pass rate of the course ? Also do you provide the appropriate academic accommodations for those with learning disabilities, such as dyslexia?

  3. I am interested in getting a TEFL Certificate and going abroad to teach English.
    Could I please get more information?
    I am a Zambian citizen and I would like to know if it is possible for me to take on this opportunity.
    Kind regards.

  4. I’m in the process of completing the course. I have already decided that will be teaching abroad because I love it… I do however want to travel with my daughter. Could you blog about single parents doing this with their kids or families moving abroad together and what are the advantages and disadvantages of that


  5. Good day.i am interested in completing the course. Teaching English online.
    What courses do I need, and how do I go from here?

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