Published 18th March 2020

Make money online teach lessons at home

As the world is coming to terms with a global pandemic, we are required to spend more and more time in our homes. The effect of so many schools being forced to close around the globe has led to an increased demand for TEFL teachers to teach english online. This is creating a unique opportunity for fluent English speakers to earn money from home during the pandemic through TEFL. In fact, many companies that match up teachers with students simply do not have enough teachers to cope with current demand.

Can I Teach English Online?

In short, you absolutely can! You have the ability to teach English online from home provided that you have a stable internet connection. Beyond that, not too many additional tools are needed, bar the following;

  • A pair of headphones
  • A microphone
  • A webcam
  • A method to receive payments like a PayPal account

Skype is the most common means of class delivery when teaching english online, this enables you to be able to teach all over the world.

How Can I Get TEFL Certified Online?

Without doubt the most efficient and convenient way to become fully TEFL certified is through our 168-Hour Online Level 5 TEFL Course

One of the biggest benefits of our Online Course is that you have the ability to complete the course as fast or as slow as you like, with 6-months access to the online campus. With this flexibility you can tailor your learning to your own personal learning style, schedule and also your eagerness to start teaching! The average student completes the course within 4-6 weeks. So, you’ll have plenty of time to get TEFL qualified!

You can access your online TEFL course from anywhere in the world but its remote nature does not mean that you will be alone. Our amazing tutors are always on hand to guide you with whatever queries that you may have along the way. What’s more, The TEFL Academy will support you in your search for an Online TEFL job after you finish!

Our course is regulated by Ofqual (UK government department) and awarded by Qualifi, a UK government recognised awarding body. After successful completion of our TEFL course, you’ll be presented with an internationally recognised Level 5 TEFL Certificate (168 hours), which is the only qualification you need. Once you are finished you are ready to teach!

What Are My Online Teaching Options?

Although the current global situation has accelerated the demand from Online TEFL teachers, it is by no means a recent phenomenon. Teaching English online has been increasing in popularity every year for quite some time now! People are earning money, while making a positive difference in the world, from the comfort of their own homes – what’s not to love?

Of course, like anything online, looking into online teaching can be a bit overwhelming and it can be difficult to separate the good from the scam, so here are some of the most reputable and best online teaching options out there that teachers certified from The TEFL Academy have used;

English First (EF)

You might be familiar with EF as an international language school chain but they also have an online school. Teachers from the UK can teach Chinese children in 25-minute lessons. Pay is $13 – $16 an hour, but you have access to lesson materials and 24/7 technical support. Plus, if you’d like to teach online but still experience living abroad, you can teach online at EF in Shanghai.


ITalki is not an online school but rather an online platform for TEFL teachers to connect with EFL students. With iTalki, teachers can set their own rates and schedules, so you can teach as often or as little as you want and you can charge what you think you are worth – up to $25 an hour for some teachers. Simply upload a video and complete the application form. If your application is approved, students will be able to view you video and contact you if they’d like lessons with you.


Another online platform is Cambly. With Cambly you don’t need any experience or qualification, though of course these will help you. Cambly is a platform for students to find tutors who are happy to chat to them to improve their English. Cambly pays teachers about $10 an hour. It might seem a bit low but remember these are by and large unprepared sessions and it’s a great place to get experience with real students. 


DaDa is an online education platform which offers British and American educational experiences to Chinese children. Lessons are 30 minutes 1-to-1 and materials are provided, as well as an interactive teaching platform. Your schedule and number of working hours are flexible and you’ll earn between $15 and $25 an hour. Because the rate is higher than with other companies, DaDa only accepts teachers with a Bachelor’s degree.


Lingoda is a platform which allows the teachers to choose the lessons they want to teach. Lessons are 24/7 because the students are all over the world, so you can really choose a timetable that suits you. You can also choose which level and what topic you want to teach. Lingoda pays $8 to $12 an hour and you need three years’ teaching experience to apply.

So why not go for it? Teaching english online is a really amazing chance to earn money while gaining an amazing experience from your own home. For more info, request a call back or enrol today!

  1. I have a TEFL Masters certificate. Can you help with options of online teaching at this current time please?
    Thank you.

  2. Hi
    Im intetested in how I could teach English online. Im a qualified English secondary teacher with years of experience and would love to start TEFL. Please can you send some info.

  3. Hi I have completed my 320 hour course level 3 certificate. I need some help and guidance how to go ahead with teaching online. I am from South Africa and I would really like to start teaching. I do not have a degree, just the certificate. Please advise

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