Published 18th March 2020

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) global pandemic is a constantly evolving situation that we are monitoring closely. This article will be amended regularly and serves as a general guide on how the virus is affecting the TEFL industry.

Unprecedented demand for online TEFL teachers

As countries take measures to slow the spread of the virus, including the closure of schools,  there has been a huge increase in the demand for online teachers. This is being felt especially strongly in the TEFL industry. We are receiving reports from companies that match up EFL/ESL teachers with students that they do not have enough TEFL teachers to cope with demand.

TEFL is fast becoming an ideal way for fluent English speakers to earn money from home during the pandemic.

Read our article: Coronavirus (Covid-19), Teach English Online and Earn Money from Home.

Our face-to-face courses

Anyone booking a combined course will be able to reschedule the 20hr face-to-face section of their course to a later date if their course is unable to go ahead. For those students with an upcoming course:

Firstly, we would like to assure you that the health and safety of our staff and students is of utmost concern and we are continually monitoring the situation worldwide.

As the situation varies greatly from country to country, we will assess whether or not a course will proceed on a case by case basis, which will be continually assessed.

If it is decided your course will not be going ahead, you will be contacted immediately and offered the opportunity to attend a classroom course at a later date.

Should the government advice of your area deem it safe for your course to proceed, we ask you to follow all advice and precautions provided to you included in the government advice of your area.

In addition to this, should you have travelled overseas recently, or should you or a family member feel unwell, please do not attend the course and instead contact us to reschedule your classroom course.

Please stay up to date on the advice in your location and contact us should you have any concerns.

Are schools still recruiting for TEFL teachers?

Schools internationally are still recruiting, however start dates are being pushed back until the end of the year. With travel restrictions in many countries we advise all students to check the government advice on traveling abroad in your country.

If you are considering a TEFL course or have just completed your course you can start applying for jobs, but please expect to not start your employment until at least autumn 2020.

  1. Good morning

    I am a qualified teacher currently teaching Science to grade 8 and 9 students. I am qualified to teach English and mathematics as well.

    I am interested in completing my TEFL course so that I can teach online.

    I am looking for an accredited online course. I see that your courses are campus-based. I would like to know whether I can complete the course online?

    Do I need a TEFL to teach English online?

    Kind Regards


      1. Hi,

        So I want to enrol for the Combined L5 TEFL course and was wondering if, given COVID I would be able to get my qualification without the 20hour classroom lessons (for now)?

        I would like to start teaching online ASAP and I am aware that if I do enrol on the combined course, there would be a part of the course which requires me to be on campus.

    1. Hi,

      I completed the TEFL Cambridge Scholar Level 5 140 hour TEFL course a number of years ago, never used it so I have no TEFL experience. I have a degree and some direct teaching experience. I would be interested in teaching online. Are my current qualifications any use or do I need to upgrade. Please advise.

      1. Hi Colm, a level 5 TEFL is what you’ll need to teach online or in the classroom so it sounds like you have the right qualifications.

    2. Hi Simone,

      Yes, the TEFL certification can be completed online. I am currently doing that in the state of North Carolina 🙂

      God bless your future endeavours!

  2. Hello, I’m interested in taking advantage of your amazing sale on TEFL combined program right now. That being said I assume most classrooms will not allow face to face for the foreseeable future. I understand this will be rescheduled after everything is resolved, but I have one question. If I were to do the combined program and completed the online portion but not the face-to-face, would I still have accreditation to teach online? Or would it be wiser to take the less expensive option and use it online for the time being.

    1. Hi there – Thanks for your message – One of my colleagues is going to Email you some more information to help on this!

          1. Hi Natasha – Yes you can certainly upgrade from the online course to the combined course by paying the difference at a later date!

          2. Hi! I also have similar queries, can I have some additional information as well?

          1. HI Geoff – Emailed you information on our course now – No this would qualify you to teach online or in the classroom.

      1. Hello, I have a similar question. Is there an option to take the fully-online course then add on the classroom portion when it becomes available at a later time? Also, is there a difference in the certification received from taking the combined vs. online course? Thanks.

        1. Hi Julian, Yes you can do this, you would just need to contact us when a suitable weekend came up and then pay the course price difference. The combined version of the course is particularly useful if you feel you would benefit from classroom tuition or perhaps do not have any previous teaching experience. You will receive a separate 20 hour practical training certificate. The online version of the course covers the same material, but is studied completely online, so is suitable for those who feel comfortable without any classroom tuition or perhaps have previous teaching experience.

  3. Hi,

    I’m interested in completing the TEFL course as I’m aspiring to teach in Vietnam next year at some stage. Obviously now with the Corona virus pandemic, there is a demand for teaching online. I would consider doing this before physically moving overseas.

    Could you send me some information on cost, the process, the logistics. Basically things I need to know and consider.

    Many thanks

    1. Thanks for your message – Its great that you are interested in teaching online! One of my colleagues has just sent you an email with more information.

  4. Hello! I’m curious to know the process of utilizing a TEFL certificate on its own. I have no University degree and would only depend on the TEFL certificate to find a job, preferably, in Asia. My research shows that it would be easier to teach in Central and South America and that most times in Asia countries may offer a position but the moment someone has both (TEFL and University degree) they replace teachers for “more qualified” teachers. What are your thoughts?

    Thanks! Stay safe xxx


      1. Hi Fionnuala,

        Hope you are keeping safe.

        Could you kindly send me the same information as per Sarah’s above mentioned question?

        Warm regards,

      2. Hi , i have the same question as the rest have mentioned. Could you please email me the information too?


  5. hi there. I am wanting to register my daughter for your TEFL course, and had been intending to go for the combined course due to the classroom training. However, my concern is that the coronavirus issue could delay completion of the face to face portion of the coure for an indefinite period of time. If we are unable to complete the practical portion for an extended period, would we be due a refund for this portion? Alternatively, if we initially paid for just the Online course and later wanted to “add on” the practical portion (obviously at additional cost) if the situation in the country stabilises and the face to face training proceeds, would this be an option/possibility? Thank you

      1. Oh, dear, this is also my question. May I get an advise on this as well? The option to add a Classroom tuition later.

    1. Hi,

      I also would like to know if it is possible to study the online course now and add the face to face component at a later date (paying the appropriate extra fee of course).

  6. Iam really interested in completely an online course to be able to secure online teaching roles in the future. Could you please email me more information on the online course and how many hours per day i will have to dedicate to the course?


  7. Hi,

    I completed my TEFL recently and I would be interested in teaching online if you could send me some information?

    Kind regards,

    Jamie McNeill

  8. I am very interested in gaining a TEFEL qualification to teach online during this COVID 19 pandemic and then use this experience to teach in other countries once everything settles down.
    Please could you send me more information on the course requirements, costs and duration etc.

    Thanks so much.

      1. I would also like to know if the level 5 course will go ahead now, due to the high demand and the current COVID-19 crisis. Will the offer deadline be extended?

      2. Hi there.

        I am also interested in completing the online qualification in order to teach online during the current Covid situation and then hopefully travel afterwards. Also is it possible as a single mother to travel with children once the various lockdown measures have been lifted?

  9. Hello,

    I`m an English teacher from Ukraine. In May I’m going to visit Philadelphia and I would like to complete TEFL courses. Am I understand correct that most of the course will be online and 2 days (weekend) lessons would on campus?

    Kind regards,

  10. Good day. I am very interested in completing the combined course but I am worried about the restrictions our country has on the face to face portion of the course. I see that this question has come up frequently and I would just like to be emailed more information on how to go about completing a level 5 tefl course in SA.

    1. Thank you for your message – Given this I would encourage you to sign up for the online course? You can always change to the combibed version later when the situation improves by paying the difference.

  11. Hello!

    I am currently studying the online combined course and was looking to get placed after completion. However I understand given the circumstances, august 2020 would be possibly the earliest opportunity for this and this isn’t a certainty. Therefore I would definitely be interested in teaching online to learn and gain experience this year and was wondering if you could send me some further information on this?

    I also wondered if I would be eligible to do so if my face to face proportion of my course was not able to go ahead and I just completed the 10 online units?

    Many Thanks!


  12. Hi there, I have already signed up to do the combined course. If I complete the online portion of the course and then it turns out the classroom portion is unable to go ahead is it possible to get accreditation for the online portion completed?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Michelle – Completing the online course leads to the level 5 qualification so you can complete this and hopefully do your weekend training at a later date!

  13. Hi, I am planning on signing up for the online course very soon. Is it possible to add some one on one training afterwards for an additional cost.

    1. Hi Joanne -Yes it is! You can sign up for the weekend classroom training later by paying the price difference.

  14. Hello
    I am a Montessori teacher residing in Toronto, Canada . I am very interested in taking your online level 5 course. Could you please advice me all the details of the course including the fees and what type of job support do you offer


  15. If I am looking at teaching English abroad once the pandemic has subsided and am interested in teaching English online in the mean time what course would you recommend I complete? Please can you send me some more info. Thanks

  16. Hi

    I hope you are doing great.

    I would like to know, is there pros and cons regarding if you take a Combined Level 5 Course or an Online course.

    If I do the Online course would I still be able to get hired and teach in a classroom? Does it affect the salary if one does an online course?

    Please let me know.

    Thank you so much.
    Kind Regards

  17. Hi, as I am only interested in teaching online and not going abroad, do you have a course or certification that I can complete online? Please advise if I am only looking for online courses.

  18. Dear teflacademy,
    I am getting close to the end of my level 5 course and have found the materials to be interesting and useful. As a mother of 4 children, I have had to be extremely organised and diligent to get this far. In spite of having gallstones before Christmas, I have managed to get to the final assignment, succeeding with the first two and passing all the tests on first submission. Now, with schools closed, I have four children at home with me all day every day, all with online learning to complete for their school. This has *really* disrupted my organisation. It’s frustrating to see I may not manage to complete in time. Due to the lockdown in the UK, I see my chances getting slim. I was wondering if any allowance is being made to support your students faced with disruption such as this? I imagine some students will find they are more able to complete studies in a lockdown, if they have no caring responsibilities; however, those like me with children, have been caught out by a quite unforeseeable eventuality.

    Many thanks,

  19. Hello! I’m curious to know the process of utilizing a TEFL certificate on its own. I have no University degree and would only depend on the TEFL certificate to find a job, preferably, in Asia. My research shows that it would be easier to teach in Central and South America and that most times in Asia countries may offer a position but the moment someone has both (TEFL and University degree) they replace teachers for “more qualified” teachers. What are your thoughts?

  20. Hi Fionnuala,
    I’m afraid I have the same question as everyone else regarding the possibiity/benefit of taking the online-only course now with the option to add the classroom portion later, due to present world circumstances. Please send me the info.
    Thanks so much,

    PS Seems this info would be great to put upfront on your website so you don’t have to keep answering the same question :>)

    1. Yes you can certainly upgrade from the online course to the combined course by paying the difference at a later date! or you can be on a reserve list until a weekend training date becomes available later on!!

  21. Hi.I want to enroll online tefl course but my concern is should I attend on specific hours scheduled before head or will there be videos that you send students ? Actually I have no idea what will this online course like ?
    Can you help me with some information please

    1. Hi Bita – You can work on the online course at your own pace – We give you 6 months access to the course and materials when you sign up.

  22. Good day

    I would like to find out how the TEFL Level 5 course is run i.e. duration, cost, assessments etc.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


  23. Good Day

    I completed my PGCE in Accounting and Economic and Management Sciences last year December.I am currently unemployed and I would like add your level 5 TEFL combined course.Will this put me at an advantage in terms of persuing a career in teaching ,preferably in Saudi Arabia?Please forward me the quotation including dates and banking details. I am considering completing my face to face in Benoni South Africa.If possible also send me a link for employment opportunities

    Kind Regards
    Ishmael Mbanjwa

  24. Good day

    I see a number of your students (e.g. Mayson H Mckey) asking questions about accreditation before completing the face-to face classes for the Combined course. I have similar questions.

    Would you please email the information to me?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi there – Thanks for your interest in our TEFL course – We’ve emailed you some details about our course now!

  25. Hi,
    I’m also interested to know: if I take the combined course, but I can’t get a space or you are not running the live classroom portion by the summer due to coronavirus, may I convert my course to the fully online course instead? Please advise!
    Thank you.

  26. Hi There, I am an environmental consultant seeing the writing on the wall (loss of projects) due to the aftermath of COVID. I would like to do your online course and use it to teach English to non-English speakers working in my subject area, if at all possible. Please could you let me if your course would equip one for this, and what sort of opportunities there may be at the level of universities and organisations for online education or training? Also happy to teach children!

  27. Hi! I was interested, like many others, in the practical classroom time and I was wondering whether this can in any way be done digitally? If I go for the cheaper one, is it possible to add the practice (provided it is possible to do this online) at a later stage?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Diana – This may be an option in the near future! our website will have this information. Also yes you can add the practical training later by paying the difference.

  28. Hi, I’m interested in the TEFL combined course that you currently have on offer.. I would love to partake in the 20 hour weekend classroom component but I am not confident to select from the available date options or to travel for this part of the course in the near future (due to the COVID19) as I live more remotely. I was hoping to be able to start with the online component, if I complete the online part before any classroom dates become available would I receive my accreditation/certificate as this point in time and have the option to attend the 20 hour weekend classroom at a later date to enhance the skills acquired from the online learning, or shouId I just enrol in the online course at the moment? Thank you for your help.

  29. Hello , I have already completed my level 5 TEFL course as of last year and would love to start teaching online. Can I please be directed to a site where I can find jobs that would accept a student in his final year of his Bachelors degree
    KInd regards

    1. Hi Richard -Yes you can receive the same qualification (the level 5) by completing the online course and you can pay the difference to change to the combined course at a later date.

  30. Hi, Ive recently completed my TEFL certification. What do I need to do now to be able to teach online? I’m feeling a bit daunted by the whole process right now. Any suggestions on how to get into it would be greatly appreciated.

  31. Hi. I have seen many job listings for online teaching that do not specify that a level 5 TEFL is required. Rather, the requirement is TEFL. I do understand that level 5 TEFL is viewed as more robust and perhaps a higher level of qualifications. Can you please explain why you are indicating that a level 5 TEFL is required to teach online?

    1. Hi Colleen – Employers offering the best opportunities with the most competitive packages are these asking for level 5 TEFL qualifications. Our course leads to a Level 5 TEFL Certificate which brings it line with qualifications like the CELTA.

  32. My question is the same as the vast others: i am interested in taking the combined course. Can I register now for the online-only portion and add on later? I am concerned that the 20hour course will not take place/not safe to attend. So far, the next dates are set for July (mostly filled) and October.

    Please advise that I can have the option to add on later.

    Also, will there be other discounts in the near future like the current 50% off one?

    Additionally, most of the jobs from the jobs board provided here are in Asia. Do you offer jobs in Europe too?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Krystal -Yes you can add on the combined portion later by paying the price difference, also yes there will be future deals like the one currently running. Our jobs board is made up of roles from independent employers – More will be added as they contact us!

  33. I am really interested in completely an online course to be able to secure online teaching roles in the future. Could you please email me more information on the online course and how many hours per day i will have to dedicate to the course?

  34. Hi

    I’m currently finishing my combined course and would like to start online teaching to gain experience ,please may I have guidance on this and if possible the information about getting an extension on to my combined course.

  35. Hi there,

    It seems to be a very common question at the moment but I was also wondering about completing the combined course at this time. I have seen above that we can do the online portion and then, if things do settle, add the weekend course at an additional cost. Please could you send me details on this. Thank you

  36. Dear Team,

    I am enrolled in the online course since February and due to the crisis and work related issues, I did not have the chance to continue – is there a possibility for an extension due to the situation?


  37. Hi. I´m a English native speaker who has a level 5 TEFL. I have a degree in English literature as well. I´ve been looking and applying for jobs in Spain and Italy since last year but i haven’t found anything yet. I wonder if schools are still offering any jobs either to teach face to face or to teach online. Do you know any vacancy in schools or a web page to teach online? Thanks

  38. Hi

    I’m a qualified Occupational Therapist. I would love to teach online as well. Should I complete a TEFL course and which one is the best for online teaching?

    1. The best course for this would be a level 5 TEFL qualification. We will send you an Email with some information on our course now!

  39. Hi, I’m finishing your level 5 course. But my dilemma is: are there any job posts on your website for us non-native teachers? I do have an MA in English obtained in my home country.

  40. Dear Team,

    Hope you are well.

    Just messaging to enquire about the online TEFL course being offered. I was wondering if this was the equivalent of the CELTA course (as an accredited level 5 module) or whether this was a separate entity?

    Ultimately I am hoping to teach online initially, but then progress to classroom teaching once this is an option. Would the online Level 5 TEFL course be the most appropriate, or do your team have any other suggestions here?

    Any advice or guidance you could provide would be really helpful.

    Thank you for your time,


  41. Hello,

    My husband and father are both interested in teaching English online, as most of the above, and wondered if I also could have the email sent with the details of the relevant course, to enable them to do this.

    Many thanks in advance,


  42. Hi
    I want to know about the reality of job opportunities to teach English online. With the COVID-19 pandemic a lot of people are searching for ways to generate an income from home and doing a TEFL course and teaching online is a pretty easy way to do so. So are there enough job opportunities, isn’t the market being flooded?

    1. Its certainly true more people are looking at teaching Online but this has also led to new online vacancies becoming available due to schools and companies finding new ways of working.

  43. Hi, I am 17 and about to finish my ged… However exams were delayed due to quarentine, do I need to be 18 or have my ged to do the online course?
    I would preferably like to do it during quarentine so that studies dont interfere with my current job.

    1. Thanks for your interest in our course! There are very few requirements to do the TEFL course with us. You only need to:

      be over the age of 16
      have a minimum C1 level of English (advanced)
      have access to a computer/laptop and the internet
      have basic computer skills. If you meet all these requirements you can enrol online or over the phone 😊

  44. Hi there I woukd like to complete the TEFL course and teach overseas on completion. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology would that suffice if a degree is required? Thank you

    1. More often than not the degree requirement will be for VISA reasons so it can be a bachelors in any subject.

  45. hello, how would the face to face component work for countries that you may not be based in? I am located in Singapore at the moment and am interested in the 168hour course.


  46. please revert me back on my email as soon as possible. I’m totally interested in TEFL certification but i do have some queries regarding it too! so try to mail me your contact number so that i can connect with uh. Have a good day! Fionnuala.

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