Published 23rd April 2020

7 Reasons You Should Teach English Online Right Now

It can seem like the whole world and their dog is teaching English online right now. Do they know something you don’t? Probably. In fact, they probably know seven things you don’t know! Teaching English is a good idea right now for so many reasons. 7 reasons you should teach English online right now.

1. You can earn good money

Maybe you’re in-between jobs right now, or maybe you’re just looking to earn a little extra, but online teaching is a great way to add a few more dollars to your bank account. If you’re willing to put in the hours, you could earn a very decent salary, work flexible hours and live the lifestyle you want.

2. You won’t get lonely

Working from home can be very lonely. There is no one to have a coffee or go for a smoke break with, so it can be days before you speak to someone who is not in your house. Teaching English online means that you are talking to people all day long – and getting paid to do it! 

3. You could start today

Getting set up to start teaching English online is easy. There are only a few things you need to set up your online classroom and then you’re good to go. Research which teaching company which will suit you, record a demo video and you could be teaching online in no time.

7 Reasons You Should Teach English Online Right Now

4. You don’t have to quit your job

Even if you are already working at the moment, it’s still possible to teach English while working another job. You can teach evenings or weekends, or even late nights and early mornings. So if you want to teach full-time you don’t need to wait until you have worked out your notice period.

5. You can work flexibly

One of the greatest joys of teaching online is the flexibility. Few jobs allow you as much freedom to decide when and how often you want to teach. Because your students might be in a different part of the world, it is even possible to teach all your lessons for the day before breakfast!

6. You will save money!

Yes, you heard right. How many jobs can actually save you money? Teaching English online means you won’t have to pay for petrol or public transport because you won’t have to commute to work. In fact, the time you usually spend commuting to work can be spent making money. Plus, you don’t really have to buy a work wardrobe. A smart shirt or two (sometimes even just a t-shirt) is all you need.

7. You’ll get good experience

Teaching English online will not only give you experience teaching English but also many other skills which are helpful in any job. Working online will teach you time management, people management skills, technological skills and will show flexibility, creativity and dedication. So while teaching English online now might be a good idea for you, there’s no need for you to commit to it for life. Teaching English online will look good on your CV for any job.

In a nutshell, teaching English online is popular right now because it suits everyone. It can be tailored to your specific situation and needs, and it can be whatever you want it to be. These days is the perfect time to have a go at teaching English online to see if you would like it to be a full-time gig, so why not give it a go – you’ve got nothing to lose!

So why not go for it? Teaching english online is a really amazing chance to earn money while gaining an amazing experience from your own home. For more info, request a call back or enrol today!

    1. Hi there! As a 120 hour course is a Level 3 TEFL qualification, this is a valid qualification for teaching English to non-native learners of the language. Therefore, you are qualified to teach English online. I would recommend taking a look at our jobs board for over 1000 job posts where you will be able to apply for the available positions. You can find that here:

  1. I’m interested in teaching online. I currently have a diploma and no teaching experience. Empoyed in the financial sector.
    Please may I have a prospectus, the cost and duration of course.
    What are the requirements for online English teaching

    1. Hi Veno, That’s great you are interested in online teaching! Our course will qualify to do this as well as teaching abroad. We have sent you an Email now with the information you’ve asked for. Please let us know if you have any further queries 😀

  2. Hi, I have just completed my level 5 course. I have no teaching experience. How do I go forward from here? Do I need to buy course books? What else do I need for online teaching?

    1. Hi Helen, Congratulations on completing your course! One advantage of teaching English online is the fact that start-up is easy and start-up costs are low once you have your TEFL training. Communication links like MSN Messenger, Skype, or Internet VoIP services that offer the audio/video conferencing will allow you to easily converse and share visuals. You will also need a webcam, microphone and an easy way for your students to pay your fees like PayPal. If you need help with where to apply for Online Jobs boards you can get in touch with our Student services Team who can assist you with this.

      1. Hi
        I have completed my Level 5 TEFL course and have everything but a PayPal account set up.
        Would appreciate any assistance with this.
        Also, finding jobs seem to be difficult as the market seems to be flooded with teachers now.

  3. Hi I want to complete my teflt course.. I have degree… please can u send me all the info as to the costs and module info and if this is legit .. also after I have completed how can I apply for an online job to teach English online.

    Thank you

    1. Hello Loveshni, we have sent you an email with our course information and a prospectus. I hope this is helpful for you.

    1. Hi there – We offer a level 5 168 hour course. We have sent you an Email now with more information!

  4. Hi, I’m interested in teaching English on line and would really appreciate it if you could assist me with more information. Thank you in advance.

  5. Hi, I have completed my certificate with you, but I am finding it hard to find an online teaching job at the moment. Could you recommend companies who are still looking for teachers during this pandemic?

    1. Hi Nazley – I’m afraid you’ll need to be qualified to teach English online and I don’t have an option for you if you are unable to pay for the course. Maybe there are shorter,cheaper courses you can find online but you’ll need to research whether these are enough to allow you to teach,

  6. I’m a qualified educator currently teaching in South Africa and I would love an opportunity to teach online

  7. Please forward information on your courses….costs/ learning material etc.
    Most importantly, what are the realisable and realistic hourly rates that I could ask for once qualified.

    1. Hi there- Thanks for your interest in our course – We have sent you more information now! 😊

  8. I would like to teach English online, I am currently a finance and insurance manager for the motor industry.

    1. Hi Tino – That’s great! We have emailed you some more information about our course!

  9. Hi,

    I have just completed and passed your combined 168 hour qualifi tefl course and have been looking on your jobs pages.

    I have been in education 26 years, 17 of those as an HLTA. I do not hold a degree but as an HLTA I regularly take classes in my own as well as assisting the teacher. I am highly experienced in Year 4, 5 and 6 age wise. I also work with years 7 and 8.

    Could you please suggest the best online teaching companies to forward my CV to. Is a laptop okay to begin with? What else do I need to start without a huge financial outlay at this time as I have been furloughed.

    Thank you.


    1. Hi,
      I am keen to start online teaching, having a degree in education and qualified TEFL tutor.
      I enjoy being creative by incoperating this creativity to create simulating lesson to inspire the class, I work with all age and ability group.
      Want to know which is the best company to register and the resources for same.


      1. Hi Josie – That’s great you are interested in online TEFL teaching! As you have completed the course with us. Our Student Services team can offer some help with this. I have asked them to Email you now some online teaching resources. Best of luck with your search!😊

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