Published 15th May 2020

Can I Teach English Online with an Online TEFL Certificate?

Can I Teach English Online with an Online TEFL Certificate? Teaching English online might not involve teaching face-to-face in a physical classroom but does that mean you don’t need to complete the practical component of a TEFL course? We don’t think so.

What TEFL certificate do I need?

If you haven’t heard by now, in order to teach English as a Foreign Language you need a TEFL certificate. These can take many forms but we recommend that the course you choose is at least 120 hours and is taken through an accredited service provider. It is also recommended that you choose a course that has a practical element to it. In other words, the TEFL course you choose should not just be a theoretical online course but you should have the opportunity to teach a class to students. 

Why do I need to practice teaching?

Teaching is definitely a career where you are constantly learning on the job. While a TEFL course provides you with the theoretical knowledge of teaching methodologies, theories of learning, and the foundations of the English language, practical sessions are needed to help you put what you have learnt about the classroom situation into action. 

Learning about teaching is one thing, but actually teaching is another thing entirely. There is no substitute for teaching students. This is why it’s important for your TEFL course to have a practical component. 

Can I Teach English Online with an Online TEFL Certificate?

How can I get practical teaching experience right now?

We hear you. With the current situation, in the majority of countries right now it’s impossible to get into a classroom and get practical training experience, regardless of which TEFL course you’re taking. Because of this we have seen a huge increase in wannabe teachers signing up for the online only TEFL course, with the mistaken assumption being that because you are teaching online you do not need practical experience.

 The TEFL 10-hour Teaching Practice course

Because we didn’t want to leave you guys in the lurch, and we know how important practical experience is regardless of where or how you are teaching, we created our 10-hour Teaching Practice course. This webinar is a 10-hour teaching practice certificate which includes 6 hours of peer-to-peer teaching practice – all on Zoom! So you get the benefit of real teaching experience without having to leave your house.

What’s even better about this course right now, is that your teaching practice is on Zoom, which gives you practice teaching online. When you think about it, this is priceless! You will get first-hand experience of teaching in an online environment before your very first online teaching lesson. This is helpful not only for your nerves for your first day of teaching but also if you are required to teach a demo lesson or do a demo video for a prospective employer. And it looks great on your CV, too.

But that’s not all…

You see, here at The TEFL Academy we firmly believe that we are all in this together. Our main aims are the same: to teach learners English and to teach them to the best of our ability. Because of this, you don’t even need to be a TEFL Academy student to enroll on this course. If you are studying or have studied on an online TEFL course, you are eligible to take this course – as long as your course is a regulated level 5 qualification. While your course will provide you with the foundations of teaching English as a Foreign Language, our 10-hour Teaching Practice course will give you experience implementing this knowledge in an online environment.

But back to the original question: Can I teach English online with an online certificate? Absolutely yes, and it’s especially understandable considering the circumstances. But you will have an extra edge if you are able to top-up your online course with a practical course (which now you can!) then it becomes a no-brainer. Sign up today and we’ll see you on Zoom!

  1. I am not a TEFL student or I haven’t followed any TEFL courses earlier. Is it still possible for me to join the 10 hour teaching practice course?

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