Published 15th November 2021

You may have noticed a new face around these parts. Recognise this guy?


Well, we’d like to formally introduce you to Teffalo, the new TTA mascot.

Who is the TEFFALO?

Not surprisingly, Teffalo is a TEFL teacher. Teffalo used to work your typical 9-to-5 desk job, but a part of him always knew there was more to life than endless meetings and bad coffee. On a whim he signed up for a TEFL course with The TEFL Academy (obviously) and he hasn’t looked back since.

These days you will either find Teffalo in the classroom doing what he loves most – teaching English as a Foreign Language – or exploring whichever city he happens to be in. Teffalo is a culture vulture and loves exploring new communities, meeting new people and learning new languages.

If you ask his students, they will tell you that Teffalo is patient, thoughtful and kind. He is wise beyond his years, and he never forgets anything! While he is an excellent teacher, he does have a mischievous side and he can’t resist playing tricks on you with his trunk!

Where does Teffalo come from?

 India? South Africa? Thailand? Kenya?

To be honest, where Teffalo comes from is not important. Teffalo is always looking to the future rather than the past. What is important, though, is what he stands for.

As you probably already know, The TEFL Academy’s mission is to offer the most accessible, flexible and cost-effective way to get TEFL-qualified, with more ongoing opportunities for successful graduates than any other TEFL course provider.

Our passion is education and this passion stretches far beyond the walls of our campuses. We believe education is power. Teffalo inspired us to begin one of our greatest adventures yet, bringing free education to those who need it most.

The TEFL Academy is proud to announce that we are building primary schools in third world countries to enable the children of those countries to break the cycle of illiteracy so that they can build a better life and lift their families out of poverty. Through these projects, we hope to enforce positive change through education.

Where’s Teffalo?

We have been so inspired by Teffalo that we wrote a book about him! In celebration of our first primary school built with our charity partner UWS, in the remote community of Kanpur, Nepal. This book is a gesture of gratitude to everyone involved in this project.

CLUE ALERT: Head on over to this post to find out more about our partnership with UWS.

It is a book that was designed with young hearts in mind. The colourful pages are packed full of diversity, with different types of people, architecture and famous places – and Teffalo, of course, if you can find him! Our aim is for this beautiful book to be inclusive of all nationalities and cultures, so people from all over the world can enjoy flicking through its colourful pages and trying to solve the mystery that is “Where’s Teffalo?”

The different poses of Teffalo

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