Teaching English Online in the UK

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Way back when teaching English as a Foreign Language first became popular the aim of the game was usually to pack a bag, leave home and travel across the world to teach in some exotic location. These days, while the lure of faraway destinations is still there, many people are becoming TEFL-certified to teach English at home. Not just in their town or city, but actually in their home – often on the couch in their pyjamas! Of course, as with anything related to the internet, looking into online teaching can be overwhelming and it can be difficult to separate the good from the scam, so we thought we’d do you a favour and compile some of the best options for teaching english online in the UK.

Teaching English Online in the UK

The good news is that there are many companies that are looking for people just like you all the time to teach english online to people that are learning all over the world. So here are some providers where our TEFL certified graduates are working.

TEFL Teacher who is Teaching English Online in the UK
Best Online Teaching Options in the UK

English First (EF)

You might be familiar with EF as an international language school chain but they also have an online school. Teachers from the UK can teach Chinese children in 25-minute lessons. Pay is $13 – $16 an hour, but you have access to lesson materials and 24/7 technical support. Plus, if you’d like to teach english online but still experience living abroad, you can teach online at EF in Shanghai.


ITalki is not an online school but rather a teaching english online in the UK platform for TEFL teachers to connect with EFL students. With iTalki, teachers can set their own rates and schedules, so you can teach as often or as little as you want and you can charge what you think you are worth – up to $25 an hour for some teachers. Simply upload a video and complete the application form. If your application is approved, students will be able to view you video and contact you if they’d like lessons with you.


Another teaching English Online in the UK platform is Cambly. With Cambly you don’t need any experience or qualification, though of course these will help you. Cambly is a platform for students to find tutors who are happy to chat to them to improve their English. Cambly pays teachers about $10 an hour. It might seem a bit low but remember these are by and large unprepared sessions and it’s a great place to get experience with real students.


DaDa is another teaching english online platform in the UK which offers British and American educational experiences to Chinese children. Lessons are 30 minutes 1-to-1 and materials are provided, as well as an interactive teaching platform. Your schedule and number of working hours are flexible and you’ll earn between $15 and $25 an hour. Because the rate is higher than with other companies, DaDa only accepts teachers with a Bachelor’s degree.


Lingoda is a platform which allows the teachers to choose the lessons they want to teach. Lessons are 24/7 because the students are all over the world, so you can really choose a timetable that suits you. You can also choose which level and what topic you want to teach. Lingoda pays $8 to $12 an hour and you need three years’ teaching experience to apply.

If this sounds like just what you’ve been looking for, then make sure you satisfy all the necessary requirements before applying for online jobs. In order to teach English online there are certain requirements you need to satisfy and certain equipment you need. You need to be a native English speaker or have fluency in English, a fast internet connection, a webcam and headset, and a quiet place to work. Some positions may also require a Bachelor’s degree and/or a TEFL certificate.

Teaching English Online Jobs

There are currently thousands of teaching english online jobs out there. There are many people that also believe that this is indeed the future of teaching. Teaching english online in the UK is a unique job that really makes a difference to people’s lives and doing this online is a really interesting modern iteration of the industry.

The TEFL teaching sector is particularly because there are eager learners of all ages out there. The same can be said for teaching english online. In addition to learners of all ages, there is also a range of levels of ability of learners. This in some part aligns with the fact that teaching english online can suit different people at different points of their lives. They may be just out of university and looking for flexible work. You may be a bit further into a career and are looking for something of a change. yourself  

In order to be eligible for a job like this, the best thing you can do is get qualified with a TEFL certification. But there are so many options out there of where and how to get qualified. Many courses that you see advertised out there talk about 120 hour courses. Sure, in some cases a TEFL certification that is less than 168 hours may get you a job. The truth is that there is really no comparison with 120 hour courses and our level 5 courses. But we would say that wouldn’t we?

Level 5 TEFL Courses

In all honesty, our course sets you up for teaching english online in the UK for two main reasons. Firstly, in order to score the best paid teaching jobs that have the best pay you need a level 5 qualification. This feather in your cap is increasingly a prerequisite with the top teaching employers out there. Secondly, a level 5 qualification is really the most thorough way to prepare yourself for that moment of truth when you actually start teaching for the first time. With inferior TEFL providers you will be thrown into the deep end without armbands. With us you will be ready. We guarantee that our course will give you the peace of mind and confidence that you need. So, in order for you to get started teaching english online in the UK you could do alot worse than signing up for one of our level 5 TEFL courses.

These days more and more TEFL teachers are considering teaching online in the UK, so why don’t you?


I have a bachelors degree and a level 5 TEFL certification. I live in South Africa speak perfect British English. I tried to enroll to teach online on Palfish and got turned down for no reason. I can only think it is because I’m South African.
Please can you recommend a platform that would accept me.

Marylyn Packham, 11th February 2020

Good day,
I have just completed TEFL (168hr) level 5, as well as the 30hr Business English. I am a business owner, 14 years, and interested in teaching Business English online and abroad. Many thanks.

Colleen Louw, 6th February 2020

I want to teach online. I am an expert in teaching English. Iam a perfect grammarian. I can teach in a Communicative way.
I have a Bed degree as well as postgraduation in English literature.
How can I be a part of your academy?

Amrutha, 6th February 2020

I am interested in teaching English online.
I would be very grateful if you please send me information about it.
Kind regards,
Rosa Elvira Savage
Spanish/English Tutor
Norwich NR3 3RU

Rosa Elvira Savage, 4th February 2020

Good day

I completed the TEFL (168 hr) Level 5 certificate and also did the TEFL Online course. I also have a B.Sc (OT) degree and live in South Africa. I would love to hear of opportunities for teaching online. Could you be of assistance?

Kind regards

Anneke George, 29th January 2020

I live in South Africa, have a BA(Hons) Degree and a Level 5 TEFL Certificate. I am looking for students to teach online.

Tessa Dobell, 21st January 2020

Please send me information on available online jobs in teaching English.

Louisa von Molendorff, 21st January 2020

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