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JANUARY SALE 01/25/2022

Teaching in South-africa

My recent return to TEFL teaching is really my TEFL 2.0, but this time, teaching online. I first got involved with TEFL in the great year of 2000 (yes, quite sometime ago) - the millennium year.

I continue to endeavour to improve my English tutoring skills daily, and I am really enjoying the additional career choice so far.

After doing a short TEFL course in Johannesburg that year, I packed my bags and headed off to Thailand. I landed in Bangkok and I was fortunate enough to get some island time relaxation and exploration before beginning my work in Bangkok as a TEFL teacher. I spent the year in Thailand teaching, and also did some travel around South-East Asia. Needless to say, it was an amazing year of my life and full of many adventures that I can still recall today. I am thankful that I had those experiences now. 


On my return to Johannesburg, I continued my TEFL teaching to foreign students at a local language school on a part-time basis, for a few years. Eventually, I drifted into a media career, and in particular, a photography career. I worked on cruise ships for a term and then managed to land myself a dream job working for a travel magazine in London. For the next 5 years I traveled to many countries around Europe, and the world; taking photos, and writing stories about my adventures. As it turned out, I returned home to South Africa and continued my photography career in Johannesburg, until now. 


During the course of 2019, I decided to complete my degree in Communication Science and English Linguistics. I had begun studying after school, but never completed my degree at the time. Around the same time, in 2019, I read online how TEFL teaching had become popular in the online space. I found this intriguing and researched this opportunity further. My online surfing led me to TEFL Academy and the rest was history, as the saying goes. I am now moving along well with my online tutoring career, with many thanks to the TEFL Academy; whose excellent online teaching course got me on the right track quickly. It has been a relatively smooth process to get to teaching online, and getting those first few lessons under the belt. It has also been quite a learning curve, as I had to learn a few new online technologies, especially those needed for the online teaching space. 


When contemplating a career teaching English online, it helps a lot to get familiar with various online technologies, especially the use of interactive, online classroom tools. Tools like Skype and Zoom, and their components, are very commonly used for online tutoring. A new teacher needs to learn how to fully utilise these tools in their online classroom space. There is a wide range, and almost unlimited amount of choice, of online material a teacher can make use of when course planning and lesson planning. There are hundreds of ESL dedicated websites that provide excellent resource material to the online teacher, sometimes free, or at a cost. Initially, you could get authentic material without having to pay for it. Some examples could be Youtube, TED, BBC Council and Linguahouse. It is well worth taking the time to research various online resources to get a clear idea of what English teaching materials are being taught to the different levels of ESL students. This helped me a lot in the beginning to get familiar with the different types of materials that could be used in lesson planning.


I continue to endeavour to improve my English tutoring skills daily, and I am really enjoying the additional career choice so far. I have some big plans for the future, and for teaching online, and am excited for what might come. I hope that my story can inspire you to the same. Bon Voyage.

I continue to endeavour to improve my English tutoring skills daily, and I am really enjoying the additional career choice so far.

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