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Teaching in China

My name is María, I'm from Argentina and I'm 26 years old. I currently live and work in China and I want to sharehow I went from a simple tourist to a successful English teacher.

The important thing is attitude!

My name is María, I'm from Argentina and I'm 26 years old. I currently live and work in China and I want to sharehow I went from a simple tourist to a successful English teacher.

I have studied English all my life and after 6 intense years studying at university, I got my Bachelor's Degree in Law.

After finishing college, I decided to make a big change. My boyfriend was livingand workinginZhuhai,China so I decided to leave my things, friends and familyin Argentina and take a few months of tourist in Asia.

When I arrived, this world so different from everything known caught me and surprised me a lot. I discovered little by little amazing cities, places and people. Those people I found here were the ones who recommended me to apply to teach English in Training Centers and schools. They noticedmy English skills, my knowledge and the sweetrelationship I have with kids.

I had an interviewin a kindergartenin whichthey decided that I was a good candidate for the position but that I needed more experience. When they told me that, I felt sad butinside me I had a lot moredesire to improve and gain the necessary skillsto teach.That afternoon, the head teachersent me a message recommending me to start a TEFL course.

I went back home to research the available courses and after reading a lot and searching,I chose THE TEFL ACADEMY Online Level 5 TEFL Coursewithout a doubt.The offer of courses is great, varied and the certificate is the most serious and recognized worldwide. Also, I liked the idea of doing a Level 5 course that was going to be more interesting and challenging for me. Of course, I also took into account that this would help a lot to improve my skills and my CV at the same time.

I started the course with a lot of dedication and spent hours analyzing the material. Everything was very useful, I was able to use it and understand it completely. The assignments were challenging and I had to be creative and learn to plan entertaining and full of content lessons.

When I was finishing the course, another English Center I havecalled beforecontacted me to go and show them a Demo Class with 10 years old kids.I was nervous, but the TEFL coursewasalready giving me the necessary knowledge to be able to do it with confidence. I used the models and information of the courseto prepare my Demo Class. The lessonwas very active, entertaining and with many activities. The kidswere very enthusiasticand participated in every task.Theday after, the directorcalled me to say that they wanted me to start working with them. I WAS IN!

2 weeks later I finished the TEFL course and the center gave me a salary increase.

Kidsin China areeducated and active. They always want to learnand have activities that encourage them to do more and more. The lessonmust be motivating and material can be included according to their activitiesand culture. I am still learning every day and although it is sometimes difficult to adapt to a different society so far from home, I am very happy with the decision of having stayed teaching English and transmitting knowledge and love to these kids.

The important thing is attitude!

Be courageous to undertake new challenges because withself-confidence, dedication and study, everything can be achieved.

The important thing is attitude!

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