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Teaching in Italy

My name is Silva Chelleris, I am 41 years old and I live in a small village in the north east of Italy. To speak English is a great gift. Get a qualification and don't miss this opportunity.

There are very few EFL teachers in Italy with a TEFL certificate

I am Italian but I have spoken English since I was a child, my father spoke fluent English and felt it was important for his daughter to know the language. Therefore my relationship with English is emotional and deep, every time I have the opportunity I go back to England which is a second home for me, especially Wales. I studied and worked in Cardiff for 10 years. 

Before I studied with The TEFL Academy, I was working as a beautician assistant locally. Six years ago my sister-in-law opened a beauty centre and asked me to help her with the start up of the business. At the time I saw a great opportunity, where I could use my experience gained working in Cardiff as a product coordinator. In the last year the centre has become established and is working well. I am now looking to broaden my horizons with a new challenge. 

When I came back to Italy, from the UK , the locaI nursery school asked me to oversee the English projects which I did in my free time and greatly enjoyed. I found my own experiences of learning a new language really helped me. During this period I realised I needed a recognised qualification to ensure a career in teaching.

To make a big change at the age of 41 it is not easy but a good friend who I have known for over 20 years suggested I look into doing the TEFL course.  During my research for courses I saw The TEFL Academy’s website. They were offering a 120-hour combined classroom and online course in London in September. I decided that it was now or never so I just booked the course. I loved the web page, to read the experiences from the students was very motivating.  The online part of the course was very well organised. The course opened my eyes to a whole new process of learning and it was so interesting to reflect on various different approaches I have been shown while on this course. Even though I now have many tools to teach I have so enjoyed the learning process and the fact it is ongoing. I am passionate and committed to improve my teaching skills even further. 

There are very few EFL teachers in Italy with a TEFL certificate and these qualified teachers are really needed.  Many people, especially parents today,  realise there is a need for further and ongoing education in English and are therefore happy to invest in one to one lessons for their children. The majority of my students prefer to practise conversation skills and grammar which I feel, with my experience and a TEFL qualification, I am more than capable of being able to offer. 

If you are motivated and passionate with a taste for business there are many opportunities to teach English in Italy today. English is recognised as the "Business Lanuage" in the world. 

To speak English it is a great gift! Get a qualification and don't miss this income opportunity and to share your knowledge. 

Book the course and your life will change and grow for the better! 

There are very few EFL teachers in Italy with a TEFL certificate

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