Free China Internships!

Posted 7 Jun 2016

Our China internships are now free of charge!

Our internships are a great way to continue learning at the same time as gaining valuable teaching experience. You will be teaching children between the ages of 2 to 13 years old and will teach 15 classes per week. 

The internships are located around Sichuan province, which literally means ‘Four Rivers’. Such is the sheer natural beauty of the region, Sichuan’s mesmeric landscapes almost defy belief. The northern, western and southern reaches of the province culminate in immense mountain ranges, dotted with creaking wooden pagodas. The brooding Tibetan glacial mountains preserve a colourful local culture but then there are also fertile alpine valleys - great for hiking - and rolling grasslands that stretch into the horizon high up on the plateau! This feels like undiscovered China, a place you can you join Tibetans as they pay homage to the holy nature reserve of Yading, reflect in ancient monasteries that guard the jagged mountain peaks and get up close and personal with some of China’s most famous and fluffy residents at the Giant Panda ecology park.

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