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How to Begin Teaching in South Korea

Historic, modern, hectic, peaceful.

Work in one of the most exciting Countries in Asia

South Korea is a living, breathing oxymoron. Seoul is a bustling metropolis with over 10 million inhabitants, yet here you can find historical sites and contemporary attractions living side by side: palaces and museums are close to massive shopping malls and busy restaurants. Busan and Daegu are two other big cities where you can wander around museums or shop to your heart’s content.
But not far from the bigger cities, you’re sure to find a peaceful place to rest and relax. Mountains and national parks are plentiful, or you can visit one of the many islands to have a look around. Jeju Island is a popular local holiday destination and UNESCO World Heritage Site, known for its waterfalls, volcanoes and caves. 
Of course, South Korea has a complex history and relationship with North Korea, which remains one of the most mysterious and secretive countries in the world. If you’re feeling brave, you can even visit the Demilitarized Zone, which US President Bill Clinton called ‘the scariest place on Earth’.
If you’re looking for adventure, South Korea is a country to consider. If you want to experience the true Gangnam Style or try authentic Korean barbeque and kimchi, look no further than this island nation. 

In South Korea, newborns are considered a year old at birth and turn two in the new year, even if they have only been born a few days before. This traditional system originates from the Chinese 60-year old cycle.  Therefore, locals may give their “Korean Age” and “international age”  when asked by a foreigner. 

South Korea's attractions include many quirky animal cafes. In Seoul, you can find a bunny cafe, dog cafe, raccoon cafe, cat cafe and meerkat cafe. Indulge in a cup of coffee while enjoying sweet moments with your new fuzzy friends.  

Baseball is the most popular team sport in South Korea. There are now ten pro teams since the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) was founded in 1982.  Baseball may not be a sport for everyone, but the atmosphere of the games does not disappoint. 

Teaching Opportunities

Teaching opportunities in South Korea are many: at last count there were 43 000 English teachers working here, and still so many jobs to fill! The market here is growing steadily and many foreigners are finding South Korea a good place to gain teaching experience and still be able to save some cash. You can either work for the Korean Ministry of Education in a public school or you could work in a private school, also known as a Hagwon. Your days may be long but they will be worth it. 

With public school jobs you are at school from 8:30am until 4:30pm, even though you most likely finish your classes by 2pm. You will often teach fewer classes each week, with the normal public school contract having you teach 22 classes in a week. In private kindergarten and elementary schools your hours would be from about 10am to about 6pm, with you teaching no more than 30 hours each week.

Most schools will reimburse your flight on completion of your contract, as well as offer accommodation, paid holidays and an annual bonus. All the holidays allow you plenty of time to jump across to Japan or take a quick trip to other top Asian destinations, or you could travel locally and save your hard-earned cash for a rainy day.

We also have a South Korea Internship that you can apply for if you meet the requirements listed.

Teaching Requirements

Degree Requirement Typical Contract Length Peak Hiring Seasons Visa Info Typical Students Average Monthly Cost of Living in £ GBP & Local Currency Average Monthly Salary in £ GBP & Local Currency
BA/BS required12 months February, August E2 visa Children, students ₩ 800 000 – ₩1.3 million (£500 – £800) ₩ 1.9 – ₩2.1 million (£1200 –£1300)
BA/BS required
February, August
E2 visa
Children, students
₩ 800 000 – ₩1.3 million (£500 – £800)
₩ 1.9 – ₩2.1 million (£1200 –£1300)

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