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How to Begin Teaching in United States

This is a country of road trips and great open skies

The great American experience : bluegrass and beaches, snow-covered peaks and redwood forests

Land of the free, home of the brave, the United States is a gigantic geographical space just waiting to be explored. It’s a country of so many different parts you won’t know where to start. From the country music of Nashville in the south to the wilderness of Alaska in the north; the sunny climes of California in the west to the skyscrapers of New York in the east, and so much more in between. 
If you’re not gambling away your money and partying the night away in Vegas, perhaps you’re enjoying the breathtaking views of the Grand Canyon. If you enjoy a little skiing, make your way to Colorado, but if you prefer an island getaway, head to the tropical paradise of Hawaii. Maybe you’d like a taste of the rich and famous and would enjoy a celebrity tour around Hollywood.

New Orleans in Louisiana is one of the most exciting cities in the US.  It’s popular for its jazz music, Mardi Grais Festival, and voodoo culture.  Local delicacies include beignets (powdered sugar doughnuts), alligator and turtle soup. The famous Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau of New Orleans is said to be buried in the St. Louis Cemetery #1, which is believed to be the most haunted cemetery in the US. There are numerous above ground cemeteries often known as “Cities of the Dead” throughout New Orleans. The tombs were built above ground due to the low water table, but it's no less haunting.  

The largest urban bat colony in North America is found in Austin, Texas. To see the spectacular phenomenon wait by the bridge at dusk and watch thousands of bats fly into the sky. Moonlight towers were introduced in Austin in 1894 to illuminate the night skies. It’s now the only known city in the world that still operates the 50 m tower system. Austin is the fastest growing city and continues to thrive due to its live music scene, weirdness, outstanding food scene and friendly locals.

In terms of cuisine, the US offers tastes which mirror its melting-pot identity. Burgers and fries, pizza, New York-style baked cheesecake, pretzels, southern fried chicken and biscuits, Starbucks – the United States has whatever your stomach desires. 

Teaching Opportunities

While the TEFL market in the US is not as big as Asia or South America, the US is home to a wide range of immigrants. In order to be successful here, a working knowledge of English is a must and for this reason there are loads of language schools dotted around the country to cater for the needs of the immigrant population. As the number of language schools grows, so too does the number of international students coming to these shores for a few weeks or months to improve their English. You are more likely to find these schools in east- or west-coast cities like New York, Boston, Miami or San Francisco. 
There are opportunities in the K-12 public school system and community colleges, but these fall under different laws to the private language schools so you are required to have a teaching license, which makes finding a job a bit more complicated. Also, it’s such a big country that laws and requirements differ state by state, so perhaps think about where you would like to live and work before finding out the details. 
There are various summer camps which take place during the summer months of July and August which are also a good option. It is not easy for non-US residents to work here and employers are not guaranteed to help with visas, so working for a summer on an Exchange visa is a good way to experience the States for a few months.


Teaching Requirements

Degree Requirement Typical Contract Length Peak Hiring Seasons Visa Info Typical Students Average Monthly Cost of Living in £ GBP & Local Currency Average Monthly Salary in £ GBP & Local Currency
BA/BS required12 Months Year-round Working visa Children, adults, professionals USD 1 500 – USD 2 500 (£1 000 – £1 700) USD 2 000 – USD 3 000 (£ 1 300 – £ 2 000)
BA/BS required
Working visa
Children, adults, professionals
USD 1 500 – USD 2 500 (£1 000 – £1 700)
USD 2 000 – USD 3 000 (£ 1 300 – £ 2 000)

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