Tieling City , Liaoning, China , EFL teacher required, 13000 RMB per month, Free Prepaid Flight, School run by Irishman, Save over 10000 dollars a year, 12 weeks fully paid vacation

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China > Tieling, Liaoning, China: Full time
Date Posted
19 September 2019
Job Type
Full time
The English School
Tieling, Liaoning, China
Degree Required

Job Overview

Tieling City , Liaoning, China , EFL teacher required, 13000 RMB per month, Free Prepaid Flight, School run by Irishman, Save over 10000 dollars a year, 12 weeks fully paid vacation EFL teacher required Tieling City, Liaoning, China, Free Prepaid Flight , 12 weeks paid vacation, Start Date November/December 2019

A private elementary school in Tieling is looking to hire a foreign English teacher from a country where English is spoken as a native or official language. An Irishman runs the school and the environment is easygoing and relaxed. The students’ ages range from 4 to 12 years old.

Each class will have a Chinese assistant teacher to deal with any misunderstandings or to explain any grammar points. Activities and games are used mostly to help students develop their English.

Tieling City which is located in Liaoning province has a very low cost of living and big. savings can be made. A teacher can easily save 80% of salary. Assistance with shopping, paying bills, opening a bank account, transferring money back home is also provided by the school.

One doesn’t have to deal with the hustle and bustle as subways and buses are not really needed as the teacher will live 5 minutes away from the school on foot.
The teacher would be teaching about 25 hours to 30 hours per week
with 2 days off every week.If you appreciate the quiet life, Tieling is the place for you as it has a very small expat population.

This can present as an opportunity in many ways. Whoever wishes to take up this position should treat it as a real job just as he/she would back home.

Salary 13,000 RMB per month after tax.. (10,000RMB per month can easily be saved)
The teacher can also teach private classes in his/her free time and charge the market rate (300 rmb per hour). The school will not take any of the revenue for these classes.
A free fully furnished 2 bedroom apartment for the year located about 5 minutes on foot from school.
A single flight pre-booked and pre-paid by employer.
Full work visa and unified work permit Class B provided.
10 days paid training provided.
12 weeks Fully paid vacation. (1 month in February and 1 in August) (10 days in January and 10 days in July)
1000 RMB annual medical allowance .
Winter heating which is worth 5,000 RMB paid for by school.
Free home internet connection all year round (Worth 2000 RMB).
For teachers who are currently in China, a one time 7000 RMB settlement allowance is provided on arrival.

Fees for visa and authentication for documents paid for by school on arrival.
Company Mobile and Sim provided by the school for the duration of contract.
No communication issues as Irishman is in charge of the operation and salary is always paid on time and the school will abide by all terms of contract.

Bachelor Degree in any discipline authenticated by Chinese embassy in home country.
Criminal record check authenticated by Chinese embassy in home country.
TEFL cert level 5
A health test which is done in China and paid for by the school. At our school there is no need to do a health test back home. Other schools require you to do one at home which can cost up to 2000 dollars.
The school is fully licensed by the Chinese government. The visa process can be broken down into a number of steps:

Step 1
The authentication process:
A local or national police check from home country and notarized degree should be taken to department of foreign affairs and authenticated. Once completed, these should be taken to Chinese embassy for final authentication.
Step 2: Scan, upload , and e-mail all authenticated documents to us here at the school.
Step 3: The school will then send an e-work permit through e-mail.
Step 4: Apply for Z work visa at Chinese embassy.
Step 5: School will book and pay for flight.
Step 6: Once in China , the school will extend work visa to one year.
Tieling City , Liaoning, China , EFL teacher required, 13000 RMB per month, Free Prepaid Flight, School run by Irishman, Save over 10000 dollars a year, 12 weeks fully paid vacation

Start Teaching English in China



  • Salary: `13000RMB
  • Training: 10 days fully paid training
  • Visa: Z visa and unified work permit


  • Bachelor’s Degree: A 3 or 4 year bachelor degree
  • Police Check: Local or state check accepted
  • TEFL Level 5 Certificate

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