Have you ever wondered how useful is a TEFL qualification? Or even why do a TEFL in the the first please? As you may know a TEFL qualification will open up many doors for you to teach English as a foreign language in most countries around the world. If you ever wanted to be a teacher, you have a passion for travelling and are open-minded enough to challenge yourself in different cultures, I would recommend you do a TEFL course.  A TEFL qualification will also give you the opportunity to earn a living while travelling to places you always wanted to go and to top it all off, it will also give you the chance to make new friends and possibly, learn a new language too. 


How useful is a TEFL qualification?

How useful is a TEFL qualification?
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So how useful is a TEFL Qualification? The demands for English teachers around the world is growing day by day leaving room to a lot of opportunities for teachers in many schools and organizations around the world. If you are interested in traveling and willing to challenge yourself in many ways, A TEFL course might be just the perfect option for you and being honest, there are so many other good reasons why you should consider getting a TEFL qualification.  If you dream of travelling and teaching abroad but you are not sure how to make it happen or when will be the best time for you, a TEFL qualification will still be useful and worth getting it as it will stay with you for life which means the certification gives you the freedom to teach whenever you want in the future.  It is good to mention too that a TEFL qualification will allow you to teach English from the comfort of your own home as it qualifies you to do online tutoring as well as private tuition.  A TEFL qualification will give you the option to supplement your income without having to travel at all. Many newly qualified teachers prefer to start teaching online as a way of learning about the job and gaining experience before committing to a full-time position in a foreign country and this is something you could consider if you are not willing to travel just yet.   Some organizations like us, the TEFL Academy, will support and assist students for life throughout their TEFL journey, making sure that they have the right qualifications for the country that they are applying for as well as sharing TEFL jobs boards with them and making sure everything is legit before jumping into a full time position abroad. We know that for many teachers travelling could be a scary experience because of the unknown and It is important that you take your time and choose consciously. Keep in mind that a high-quality regulated course is not cheap and making sure you receive support throughout and after the course is a good thing to look for. So basically, you will not only be paying for a high quality TEFL course that will stay with you for life but also a lifetime support from your course provider. It can’t go better than that!  Travelling to teach is also a great opportunity to test yourself in new environments. Teaching is all about patience and dedication and being able to handle difficult situations. Being able to teach in a difficult environment where people have been brought up differently is a great test for all teachers out there.  Being willing to step out of your comfort zone and leave it far away from you from the moment you jump on an airplane and travel is also the biggest test you could possibly put yourself through and a great challenge for your career as a TEFL TEACHER. I would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to do it at least once in their lives to go for it. Remember that the TEFL Industry is a big community and you will end up meeting a lot of TEFL teachers while travelling and I am sure, you will be making lots of new friends too, and good ones! This will help you to not only build your experience but confidence as a TEACHER too. The TEFL industry is also open to TEFL teachers from non-native speakers to mature teachers or non-degree holders so there are plenty of opportunities out there for everyone.  The key is to be flexible and realistic about your options and to do all the necessary research before singing up to a course. And finally, before accepting a job, I recommend you look carefully at the reputation of the school, do a bit of research and get to learn more about the culture as much as possible before travelling so it is easier to adjust. A TEFL journey can be scary, but sure the future is always out of our hands anyways so make the best out of it and live in the moment. Be positive, keep an open mind and heart and you will see that the world is full of beautiful people out there. I am sure it will be the best experience ever!

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