TEFL opportunities for non-native speakers of English

TEFL opportunities for non-native speakers of English
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Yes, there are certain countries where they are very strict about native speakers particularly in East Asia and the Persian Gulf countries. But, it’s a big world and lots of countries don’t insist on native teachers at all. In some cases, you could be at an advantage. After all you have gone through the process of learning a language. You know how students can find some topics more difficult than others. You’ve been taught pronunciation, grammar, reading and writing. You have been in the classroom. So, you have had the opportunity of observing your own English language teacher. You’ll also have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to lessons. How you can Qualify to make the most of Opportunities for Non-Native Speakers Firstly, you will have to provide evidence of your competence in English. That means you need English language certification. If you have studied in the UK, you may already hold a qualification. If you have a B2 for example, it might benefit you to take C1 and C2 exams. Once you know you have a high level of English you can take a TEFL course. The TEFL Academy run courses online with one weekend intensive classroom training. That means you can carry on working or studying while you qualify. TEFL Opportunities for Non-Native Speakers in English Speaking Countries If you want to improve your English, then working in an English-speaking country is an excellent idea. If you are newly qualified, you could take on a short period of volunteer work. This will give you experience in the classroom and help your pronunciation. When your volunteer period is up you will be able to present your CV to prospective employers. They will see your TEFL certification and your work experience. This will demonstrate to them that you have the qualifications and language skills to teach English as a foreign language. Don’t forget:  Get your TEFL qualification  Practice your pronunciation  Be communicative and friendly when you’re interviewed  Show your enthusiasm  It’s best to avoid these countries with very strict hiring and work visa standards for non-native English speakers: Indonesia, Japan, Kuwait, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Thailand, UAE, Vietnam. Here’s a list of some of the best places to teach English abroad as a non-native English speaker:  Countries in Central and South America  India  Cambodia  Russia  Romania  Turkey Related Article: Teaching Opportunities for Non-Native Teachers As a person of colour will I get hired to teach English abroad? If you are a native or even fluent English speaker, and if you have a TEFL Certificate, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get a good job and enjoy a great experience teaching English abroad as an African-American or a member of some other ethnic minority.

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