Teacher development in Cambridge

Teacher development in Cambridge
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They are very supportive of their teachers and ensure that they are comfortable in their classes on the one hand, but challenged on the other. Directors of Studies will often hold in-house talks or conferences to develop their teachers. If your school is part of a chain, it may be that you will travel to another branch to meet with teachers from the other branches around the country. In the UK especially there are a number of TEFL conferences throughout the year. If you are not attending as a speaker they are usually quite expensive (if you include travel and accommodation costs) but many schools will nominate a few of their teachers to go, all expenses paid.  Cambridge is also home to Cambridge University Press, a massive publishing house which develops a large portion of the materials used in TEFL teaching. Living in the same town as the publishing house allows you to be privy to launch events, publishing talks or TEFL workshops. Attending these will give you insight into new materials on the market, a chance to talk to the writers, and usually a freebie coursebook or two.Teacher development can also mean studying again. If you’ve done the TEFL course you may not want to think about studying again but there are lots of opportunity to study further. The DELTA is one such option. It’s offered by Cambridge ESOL and it’s the next step from the CELTA. Basically, the CELTA is a certificate and the DELTA is a Diploma. It’s a tough course and a lot of work but definitely worth it in the long run, both for your teaching and your career development. Unfortunately it’s also expensive. However, since it’s a Cambridge course and is so widely recognised, the bigger schools in Cambridge are likely to sponsor you to do the DELTA, with certain conditions attached. If your school is willing to do this, this should definitely be something to consider once you’ve got a few years of experience under your belt and are looking for another challenge. 

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