Working as the headmaster of an ESL school

Working as the headmaster of an ESL school
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The headmaster is the embodiment of everything an ESL educational institution stands for: the reputation and the academic excellence of an educational institution depend ultimately on the headmaster. For the novice ESL teacher who would aspire to become a headmaster, here are some of the main duties and responsibilities that would fall within your remit.    To oversee and be responsible for the efficient day-to-day running of the school in all its functions, and the well-being and safety of its pupils, teaching and non teaching employees. To attend to the management of the curriculum in conjunction with the director of studies (DoS), the heads of department, and the examinations officer. To attend to matters concerning serious breaches of discipline. To employ or fire teaching and non teaching staff.  To enrol new pupils and expel incorrigible pupils. To be responsible for the financial management of the school in conjunction with the bursar and the governors. To promote and advertise the school. To report to the governors on the state of the school.  To hold regular meetings concerning the management, performance, and     development of the ESL teaching staff with the DoS, the heads of department, and the examinations officer.  To ensure the quality of the teaching and the examination results. To be a model for academic, pastoral, and moral attainment. To monitor the staffs' ESL teaching in conjunction with the DoS, and the heads of department. To monitor and evaluate the ESL departments in conjunction with the DoS, the heads of department, and the examinations officer.   To monitor pupils' progress in conjunction with the DoS, the heads of department, and the examinations officer. The list of duties is quite formidable although some would say that a DoS has a more demanding job: this may be true, but it is the headmaster who is responsible for the running of the school. Even if a headmaster delegates authority to the deputy, this will not absolve the headmaster from blame if something happens that negatively affects the school or the well being of a student or employee; this is because the headmaster may be vicariously liable for the actions of his or her employees. If you are interested in becoming a headmaster, you will definitely have to demonstrate that you have leadership abilities, confidence, a degree of charisma, organisational skills, ‘people skills’, and problem solving skills. Although you may not be as efficient an administrator as a DoS, you will definitely have to be able to lead and inspire others who will look to you to set the example. 

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