5 ways teaching abroad will help your employment

5 ways teaching abroad will help your employment
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Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) is an unforgettable experience for many reasons. You’ll have the chance to experience a foreign culture, travel to new and amazing countries and meet a ton of new people. This experience can really boost your career prospects when you return home from teaching. Teaching English abroad provides international work experience which is highly sought after by today's businesses Your experience teaching abroad sets you apart from other applicants for jobs and graduate schools programs and shows positive character traits Teaching abroad proves your ability to adapt to a new environment and to live and work with different people from different cultural backgrounds The experience of teaching English develops great organisation, presentation and communication skills The edge of other applicants, as you'll have something interesting to say about your teaching time abroad at the interview  Gain international experience TEFL will give you experience in an international environment. International experience can be a huge advantage when it comes to searching for a job. This is because multinational companies value people who can think and work from a global standpoint. Experience abroad suggests you will have different experiences and a different way of thinking when compared to someone who has simply gained experience in one country. This can be a big advantage and really help you stand out when it comes to getting a job. Sets you apart from other applicants Choosing to teach English as a foreign language shows a ton of positive character traits that potential employers look for in their applicants. It shows that you are a go-getter who isn’t just waiting for an opportunity to fall in your lap, it shows you are adaptable and can think outside the box and most of all it shows that you are willing to take a great chance when you find one. You’re no longer just another graduate; you have done something interesting with your life for the last year, or however long you taught abroad for. Employers want to hire people that they can work alongside, day in and day out. They don’t necessarily want to hire the smartest or the most capable of candidates; they want to know that they’re hiring a personality who they can get along with – someone who’s interesting and has more about them than just work. Ability to adapt to a new environment In today's multi-cultural societies, proven abilities to take on new challenges and adapt to new environments is a huge advantage.  Also if you can demonstrate success living in a new environment and working with people from different national, linguistic and cultural backgrounds is another great advantage. Learn valuable work skills Teaching English as a foreign language generally requires you to work very independently and as such you will learn valuable work skills that will be useful in any workplace. Your communication skills will greatly improve. When dealing with students and co-workers who don’t speak English as a first language, you will quickly learn to speak clearly, precisely and in the most understandable way possible.Through TEFL you will also learn valuable skills such as management, time keeping, planning, presenting and more. Teaching English isn’t an internship where you spend your time making coffee and surfing the internet, you will quickly have to adapt and as such learn the skills required to teach properly. The edge on other applicants  You'll have something interesting to say about your teaching time abroad at the interview. You’ll have the chance to learn a language. Teaching English as a foreign language abroad can also be a perfect chance to either study a language or perfect a language you have been learning. Most TEFL contracts are for a year which, if you are dedicated, can be more than enough time to really get to grips with a new language.Depending on your post-teaching career of choice, language skills can really help you in your career. Even if your chosen career doesn’t specifically require a foreign language, the fact that you know a foreign language will show real intelligence and dedication. All in all, teaching English abroad can be a great way to both have one of the biggest adventures of your life and help out with your future career!  

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