EFL opportunities in Brighton

EFL opportunities in Brighton
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It is close to London but far enough away to be quieter and not as hectic as the capital. As a holiday resort, Brighton is a popular choice for language students looking to learn English. You might find that your students have already spent some time in London and have decided they want to try something different for a while, or perhaps they want to get accustomed to life in the UK in a smaller city before braving the move to London. Regardless, there are a fair number of schools in Brighton for you to find a job if you have done your TEFL course. In terms of language schools, there are many big name schools that are chains and have branches all over the world. There are many of these schools in Brighton and you will recognise them by their logos and their colours. Working for a big chain is a good idea if you plan to teach for a long time and possibly even teach in another country. If you work for a language school you become familiar with the practices of the school and the people, and it is usually easy to transfer between branches. Some schools even offer exchange opportunities within their chain, so you could swap lives with a teacher from the same chain but working in another country. These schools are usually able to offer good resources and opportunities for development. There are, of course, smaller language schools. These boutique schools are one-of-a-kind. Maybe they are just starting out or maybe they have just decided to stay small. Whatever the reason, these schools can be fun to work in precisely because they are small. Smaller schools means that the teachers and students get to know each other very well, even if the students are not in your class. Because there may not be a lot of teachers, you may be given more opportunities than you usually would. If there is an exam class that needs to be taught but you have no experience teaching exams, if there is nobody else able to take it, you could be given the responsibility to ensure the students are readily prepared for the exam, and in this way gain invaluable experience.Whichever kind of language school you choose, you’ll find working in Brighton to be an enjoyable and enriching experience. 

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