Summer camps in Brighton

Summer camps in Brighton
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These teenage students will stay with local families and spend their days having English lessons. These classes are different to the usual classes as the students are younger, they are all the same nationality and they are familiar with each other. Bearing in mind that this is their summer holiday and you can begin to imagine how it could be different.Firstly, monolingual classes can be both a blessing and a curse – they will probably all have the same difficulties with English, but they will also not be shy to use their first language with each other. Then, younger learners learn differently and may not respond the same as your adult learners. You will need to find ways to make your lessons more fun and entertaining or you will quickly lose their attention. Finally, the fact that these learners are classmates and share a history that you don’t means that you may find it difficult to build rapport with them if they don’t respond to you naturally. On the other hand, regardless of all those things, teaching in summer camps is fun. Everything and everyone is generally more relaxed and your days could very well be more enjoyable than usual. If nothing else, it’s always nice to change things up a bit once in a while. The best thing about summer camps, though, is that you go on excursions. One of the reasons the students choose to come to Brighton is because there are sights they want to see and places they want to go. Many times your entire day will be spent on walking tours of the city, eating ice cream on the beach or walking around museums. While you are not expected to lead any of the activities (there are activity leaders for that) you are often required to accompany your students, chat to them for the day and make sure they don’t get lost or cause any trouble. Especially if you’re not from Brighton, these excursions provide a great opportunity to see the city. 

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