Why teach in Cambridge?

Why teach in Cambridge?
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Living in Cambridge means experiencing a city with so much history you can feel it as you walk down the streets. Even if you have no desire to attend the university, it is hard to ignore it when you’re in the city; the beauty and splendour of the buildings will never cease to amaze you and you’ll never tire of seeing professors in full academic dress riding bicycles along the river.Teaching in Cambridge is a great experience. Because it’s such a popular destination with foreign students, teachers here are never short of working hours, both in schools and with private students. The TEFL community is very active in Cambridge and it is easy to become involved in EFL events. So while it is easy to stay intellectually challenged living in this city, it is also a student town so has a vibrant nightlife if that’s what you prefer.After-hours there are plenty of things to do in Cambridge. Besides the obvious pint in one of the many quaint little pubs, why not take a trip down the River Cam in a punt, or take a stroll down to The Orchard Tea Garden in Grantchester for tea scones and. The Fitzwilliam Museum often has events or evening sessions so keep an eye on the local papers to find out what is happening. If you’re keen on festivals, Cambridge has many of these throughout the year, from the Festival of Ideas to the Strawberry Fair and the Cambridge Literary Festival.On the other hand, if you’re feeling like you need to leave the city for a while to get away from all the students and the bicycles, there are numerous places – like London or Norfolk – which are just a train ride away. Cambridge has a very convenient location and public transport makes it really easy to lose yourself in another city for a day or two.

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